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Aug 2, 2020
Inside a 老干妈 jar
discord - cc631
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i wanna thank cubecraft for helping me get thru 2020-2023.

i started playing MC when I was leaving the eighth grade and heading into high school, around the time covid hit. Now that covid is becoming the thing of the past, so is alot of other things like playing MC. nowadays you can prolly see me float around in discord or osu.

throughout my time honquin' around in cubecraft, i met some ppls for the first and last time all without knowing... i think my biggest contribution in CCG was moderating the cubecraft times (eef #1!!!).

now that i'm leaving high school in two months, i'm prolly gonna explore this place one last time like it's a home i'm about to move out... heh.. kinda poetic since i'm litterally leaving my house to live in a dorm for the next four years by september akkek.

anyways... cya guys, it's been a goo'd run
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