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Jul 27, 2020
Dallax, TX
Hello! Cubecraft is one of the oldest servers on Minecraft, and since there are so many people playing the game, I think there should be some high stakes to win one...

What is Deathrun?
Deathrun is a minigame where you gotta run as fast as possible, avoid traps, do parkour, and do all of this while a player (or more) stops you.

How do you play it?
Deathrun might look easy while you see it for the first time, but it´s insanely hard. After you play it at least once (unless you are a god at avoiding traps and parkour), you realize, that you have to do all the parkour flawlessly, fast, while paying attention to what the killer is doing. You mess up once (unless all are bad at parkour), you can stop thinking of getting on that leaderboard.

What does the killer do?
The killer gets selected before the game is started and is selected to stop you, he is in a tunnel where he can see all of you. He has a bunch of switches to activate traps, and stop you from winning. If the first 5 people make it before 5 minutes, the game is over and the killer loses. if nobody makes it before 5 minutes, the killer wins.

Examples of traps:
+ Traps where lava flows from the sky and kills you, lava will flow for 50 seconds or less and then, all the lava is removed, and then players can move on(well, run on).

+ Traps where Parkour is removed. Imagine, you have to parkour on a block to move on to the next stage. The killer can remove that block at exactly the right time, causing you to fail the jump. then you have to try the parkour again and move on (well, run on)

+ Traps where dispensers will suddenly appear and fire arrows faster than you can even imagine. if you are on one block, you are gonna fall. And if you fall, you have to try the parkour again and move on (well, run on)

+Traps where dispensers come out of nowhere and chuck a slowness, blindness, wither, or poison potion at you (splash potion). If you miss a jump or die because of these effects, you gotta do it again and move on (well, run on)

+ Traps where zombies attack you and try and kill you. Imagine this, you are running through a cave, and those guys spawn, who died to kill you. you can't fight back, so your only option is to run. You die, you gotta restart, or you get out and move on (well, run on)

+ Traps where some blocks just kill you (maybe red blocks). You gotta think outside the box to find a different way and move on (well, run on)

+ Ice boat roads where some ice turns into cobwebs, lava, or TNT. You are on a boat, going 60 blocks per second, and an ice block turns into cobwebs, now you realize its useless to drive your Lambo through the city on a Monday morning, and also realize that you are going slow, really slow. The same thing happens with lava, you are going 60 blocks per second on a boat, a moat of lava suddenly appears, either you use the emergency brakes (aka press s), or quickly avoid it. With TNT, it's different. The TNT ignites and blows up instantly if you go over it. if that happens, the TNT blows up, and you too.

+ Cobwebs. they could be all around the map, waiting for you to slow you down. while it might be really good IRL, isn't a thing that you want to run into, if you wanna be first in the game and IRL. the same thing applies for soulsand

+ TNT, just random TNT across the map waiting to blow up, you walk/run over it, you go boom. (ps. they could be under carpets If the devs are savages)

+ Traps where you put barrier blocks over certain jumps to troll people. they have to think of a different way to move on (well, run on)

That's the limit of my imagination, I'm sure the developers can do way better, but if a small candle can light a fireplace, then its a success

What happens if you die? you start from the beginning

What happens if you get top 5? you will be on the leaderboard and will be known as a player who is good at parkour and is very smart

How does the killer get selected? by votes or by random

How many maps are there? depends on the developers and the map creators

I will update this when I think of more stuff, but hopefully, the devs will take this as worth their time.
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May 25, 2020
Good idea but it’s not unique, if you would like change the idea to something very unique like lucky islands I would definetely think it’s a good idea
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