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    • A nice API too make floating text and have holograms around your server for info messages and other cool features that only you can create with your imagination.
    • Uses Indestructible armor stands that will not break unless you decide too remove them yourself using the given code.

    • Placeable and removable holograms with their own unique hologram id's so you can make as many as you can imagine.
    • A method too remove all the holograms in the specified world you desire.
    • A method too get the location of a hologram that you decide by getting its ID specified when you make that hologram.
    • A method too change the name of any given hologram with the correct ID.
    • Able too create temporary holograms for short messages.

    • Import the HoloGramAPI jar into your build path and hit save.
    • Then you can use any of the given methods below to Create / Teleport / Remove / Remove All / Rename / Or get the location of any of the holograms you have made.
    • Then stop your server if it is on and add the HoloGramAPI.jar file to your server.
    • Start your server and have fun with holograms :)


    Method Key:

    loc = location that you want the hologram to teleport or spawn at.
    note: they automatically spawn at the center of the block specified.

    name = text that you want the hologram too display.
    note: color codes are applied so you can do "&c&lHELLO!" and it will appear as = HELLO!

    ID = Integer too specify the ID of the hologram used to basically give the hologram an identity so you can remove / rename / relocate it later.

    world = name of the world that the hologram is in.

    glowing = set whether the armor stand that is holding the hologram is glowing or not.

    small = set whether the armor stand that is holding the hologram is small or not.

    timeInSecondsBeforeDespawn = set the time that the temporary hologram will despawn at so if you make timeInSecondsBeforeDespawn a value of 1 it will make a hologram and despawn it after 1 second!
    • HoloGramAPI.createHoloGram(loc, name, ID, glowing, small);
    • HoloGramAPI.removeHoloGram(ID);
    • HoloGramAPI.removeAllHoloGramsInWorld(world);
    • HoloGramAPI.teleportHoloGram(ID, loc);
    • HoloGramAPI.getHoloGramName(ID);
    • HoloGramAPI.getHoloGramLoc(ID);
    • HoloGramAPI.renameHoloGram(name, ID);
    • HoloGramAPI.createTempHoloGram(loc, name, ID, timeInSecondsBeforeDespawn, glowing, small);