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Mar 7, 2022
Well, Cubecraft, let's be serious!
Do you know why bedrock has more players than java
Because, quite simply, the bedrock version works across more than one platform such as phone and xbox, and contains a lot of games! Not because of the special shape it's in! Which looks, quite frankly, "childish".

1: Do you know why Minecraft is such a fun game? Because you can simply play with your friends. . Can you tell me where you can play with your team other than egg wars? There isn't, and you simply go and destroy it. Why??! We were challenging each other to win and there were wars between powerful players, just add games to play with your friends to get more players.

2: Let's talk about the latest update, especially the egg wars game, because honestly, this game is what interests me.

2.1: I get emeralds by killing players and breaking eggs? Don't you think someone can simply buy a powerful sword and grab the middle of the map and collect endless emeralds and then he will be the strongest and he will be hard to kill..

2.2: The war of the eggs was hard and fast at times. I used to put on leather armor and fight against a four-enemy team and I would be able to survive! Now we can only get iron armor and simply die! May I ask you where the fun is?

2.3: Shop prices are expensive and some extras have been added that shouldn't even exist! A golden apple you can buy for seven gold! are you kidding me? How can I fight so many enemies at that price and without even upgraded armor!

2.4: May I ask you why there is obsidian with 5 diamonds? Do you just want to make them compete in the game like speed challenge?? All you have to do is add Speed Egg Wars, which I added years ago! Don't spoil our game.

2.5: Although there were a lot of players that stopped playing on this server, there were players that stayed. Do you know why these players still play? Because they enjoy the old game and each others company, especially during Egg Wars.

Well, let's talk about the problems.

3: Programming issues that haven't been fixed yet.

3.1: May I ask you why the server kicks us when the game starts in egg wars?
3.2: Why sometimes we can walk into the void
3.3: There is a tree that has grown on a map in Egg Wars. may i ask you how did it grow up??
3.4: Why sometimes we can't enter the game and it writes strange codes for us?
3.5: Why are we sometimes able to walk around the map even after the game is over?
3.6: Why are there problems with the party that are not resolved even after the update!!
3.7: May I ask you why some generators are not working?
And don't tell me my internet was bad, it was fine, and I continued to play in a normal way. I like to add that people with good internet also experience this!!

Before adding updates, fix the problems.

Let's talk about bad Sentinel !

4: Sentinel that bans players and does not ban cheaters!

4.1: My friend got banned because he was climbing stairs, can you believe that? When he filed an objection, he waited three days. Are you going to tell me he only got a 3 day ban because he climbed the stairs, unlike some people who break the rules and only get a 1 day ban?

4.2: I see players flying around and using Killaura, and they only get banned after being reported, and the report usually takes several hours to get a response, so where is the Sentinel ??

4.3: My other friend got banned because he clicked on the villager, that's funny! He was only banned for one day because he just wanted to buy something!

4.4: My friend was banned because he used the so-called gold cheats, although he didn't even use them, but the moderator questioned him and nothing more!

5: Let's talk about rejected reports.

5.1: Can I ask this player how they didn't use Kill Farm and you told me in the report that the video is short?
Well, the video is short, but it has all the proofs!
0.4: We own an egg
0.9: My team is trapped in obsidian
He can now comfortably go and crack the egg but!!
0.18: He started killing us instead of breaking the egg.
Shouldn't it be banned?? May I ask you why you said the video was short? You want me to record 10 minutes when he was killing our team?
you wanted proof and you've received it or you wanted proof and i have send it to you
if someone is clearly hacking and the video is to short that it also wouldn't matter
5.2: How did this player cheat? moderator told me hes internet is bad!
bad ?? are you kidding me .
Just see where he hits me and tells me his internet is bad?
Do you know that there is a person who is flying and has not been banned and when we look at his ping we find it is 1000? This is a new type of hacker, you have to fix this error.

Let's talk about other things in the server

6.1: The symbols are strange and incomprehensible
6.2: When selecting teams in Egg War, the list looks messy and not pretty.
6.3: Disgusting and incomprehensible leaderboard!
6.4: We get a few FPS
6.5: When logging in and out frequently, Minecraft loads and it's annoying!

I know that you cannot satisfy all the players, but at least satisfy the players who did not leave the server, despite the lack of games, the lack of players, and the large number of errors. We have always loved this server but simply by doing this new update you will lose all these players as well. Make up your mind and change it to the older version!!

Thank you
Thank you, Cube Craft management.
~ zBvczx .
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Aug 26, 2019
i hope cubecraft team actually tries to give the loyal players what they are asking for, because what is the point of playing, when they are giving us updates that we don't need, and dont want. They will lose all their players in a matter of time. I am not trying to say they don't care about us - i think they are doing their best, but if they actually listen to their long term players, things will go well.
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