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Java Cubecraft has not handled this map submission appropriately

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May 4, 2020
legal land
In December, map submission was made for Blockwars “bzz”. The map had an overwhelming majority vote Yes. The map was consequently approved.

Map submissions are not commissions, afaik. They’re passion projects - created by and for the community. Hence, at least morally, the community and map makers ought to have a say in how the map is used, there’s an aspect of trust involved.

Blockwars bzz however was edited and made into Lucky Islands Team map bzz. The concerned parties - The Builders of the map and those who voted on the map were not informed of this change.

Imagine making a beautiful map for a game you love only for it to be used for a minigame you dont even care about. This was disappointing to see, a breach of trust between community and management if you will.

I request the CCG build team request permission before doing something in the future.

Thank you.
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