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Nov 11, 2022
A tournament that is held on bedrock and java like mcc or minecraft mondays. A set of micro games or even just skywars for a cash reward. For the skywars point system it could be 3 points per kill and 10 for winning. This can be done in solos duo trios or squads. Would need admins to monitor to enforce rules and ban cheaters.
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Xi1m wrote on Kloska's profile.
hi timothy hello timothy greetings timothy good evening timothy good afternoon timothy good morning timothy how do you do timothy good to see you timothy how have you been timothy long time no see timothy howdy timothy

still remains as one of my greatest achievements 🚬

jokes aside, i hope cubecraft becomes better with handling closet cheaters (and many other problems) after my leave

i'll miss my time here, goodbye all
Just hit a PR :D
(Yes I crafted an uber cubelet, yes it was a duplicate, no I'm not happy about it)

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