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Count till staff interrupts!


Nov 4, 2019
over there

So basically point of this forum game is too count, try to get as high as possible without a staff member interrupting, for example :

Person1 : 1
Person 2 : 2
Person 3 : 3
Staff member : (writes any message) ~ *restart the counting*

You aren't allowed to repeat if you were the last person to send a number

People that participated in getting this high score:
@Annuweejum, @Gemmmmie, @InkAsriel, @qDeqni, @Passer, @xGrove, @ElementThink, @Verbramdt, @Maaarijn, @Pijly, @star4lyfe.

Staff that interrupted: @AnolTongi
haha yesh im so bad i pinged u all

If you notice a higher score please let me know, after a staff member has interrupted :D
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