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    Ok so I've think I've obtained enough skill to write a guide for blockband so here you go! :D


    Block Band is a rhythm game much like the guitar hero and rock band series made in minecraft! Blockband currently has 25 songs with increasing difficulty. Notes on the "fret board" come from the top of the screen and are "hit" when you switch to the hotbar slot as they reach near the strike bar.


    Wood - 0 - 79% 1 star
    Iron - 80 - 94% 2 stars
    Gold - 95 - 99% 3 stars
    Diamond - 100% 5 stars

    Song List (WIP)

    In order:

    Personal Difficulty Order:
    1. Sweden
    2. Gymnopedie
    3. Mermaid Palace
    4. Wet Hands
    5. Hip Piano
    6. Dancing with an Angel
    7. Stal
    8. Lumbridge Serenity
    9. Sugar Plum Fairy
    10. Super Mario Rock
    11. 8 Bit
    12. iolite
    13. the entertainer
    14. Curious Silence
    15. The Legend of Zelda Rockin'
    16. Pk Sad Machine
    17. Cool Bubble
    18. Tired Old Man
    19. Fuel Injected Rocket
    20. Rock My Birthday
    21.I'm a Rockstar
    22. Omega
    23. Face Evil


    To play blockband effectively you should remap your controls. Before doing so you may want to change your settings to have the notes on the left side of your hotbar (I personally don't do this) Here are my controls:

    1 - hotbar 5
    2 - hotbar 6
    3 - hotbar 7
    4 - hotbar 8
    V - hotbar 9

    Having your controls layer out on the keyboard setup like that will help immensely as your thumb just isn't comfortable right next to all of your fingers.

    Left Handed Frets - This is more of a personal choice but there is a reason you may want to switch to left handed. When making a rythym game devlopers tend to prefer the left most fret. In most control settings this fret is being activated using your pinky which is your weakest and slowest finger. In later, faster songs your pinky won't be able to keep up so either switch to left handed to reduce its effect or use two hands in your controls.

    BLOCKS NOT ENTITIES - entities currently have a really bad hit detection so do not under any circumstances use entities even though it looks smoother.

    The Juice

    The juice can double your current multiplier so you get more points. I reccomend either using this where there are very many notes or where you can keep a high multiplier. To activate the juice you must jump.

    That's it for now I will definitely add more later
    Thanks for reading :D
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