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    It seems to me that ALL PEOPLE hate camping or camp but here is some little tips to fight those people (egg/sky)
    1: AIR ATTACK - yea sure campers shoot with their bows but if the bridge gets too close you can tnt/lava it but in the air they wont do that as easly
    2: SNEAK ATTACK- whenever you attack behind the bases and the teams dont check the map well you can sneak up to the campers base
    3 : SKYWARS: the lava air attack: requiresa platform and afterwards you throw lava on their base forcing them to die of get off the base
    4: snipers: usually eggwars in the air use power bows to snipe people on the base and after killing some of them attack!

    Look probably we all had the moment when we'd like to attack but there is an attack incoming heres the way to defend .
    1 PUNCH BOW : get all people kicked off bridges ( do i realy have to explain this one)
    2 TNT : on the ground when they get close TNT/LAVA the bridge to kill them its a good strat
    4 WATER DEFENSE: yes people will call you a troll cause some are noobs but this one combinded with punch bow can get people of the base while they struggle to stay on the base you can also close the water defense if they try to swim back up i saw it it works and if they do this and say that its a defense trust them it might be a pain to deal with but when its build close it and wait for an attack
    5 DEFENSE STRUCTURES : the game doesnt have towers but there are 2 which are very handy
    - WATHCING TOWERS - a high glass ball up in the air to watch for attacks -best against the sneak attack
    - ARCHERY TOWERS - a high tower which has a hiding regen spot when your hurt its also very good against both air attacks and sneak attacks
    - MY FAVORITE THE KNOCKBACK WALL - build your wall some blocks away from the base you can still knock people off but if they want to shoot or something they have to break through the wall first and if they break though it and start walking they might die accidently
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    Most of these won't work on large maps with many players per team like aztec, believe me. It's possible yes, but it takes LONG.