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Bioshock:Infinite Review

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Oct 20, 2013
Hello, after writing my Top 5 favorite video games, I have realized that its not completed. So that is why I'm creating this review on the latest game of the Bioshock trilogy! (BS:Infinite) First of all, you will realize why "BS" part really fits the title, because the game it self is a real mind... Yeah I suppose you got the point. Well, here we go! I hope if you see this you'll enjoy it.

First of all, I would like to start with the graphic side. It even looks amazing with low graphics which I had to experience because of my bad laptop. Even if it was low, it really looked good. Now, if we're done with how beautiful this game looks, I would like to move onto gameplay. I would like to say, even if this game has good graphics even with the Unreal Engine 3, gameplay is a bit... Different because of various reasons, such as:

Elizabeth, the reason Bioshock Infinite is Bioshock Infinite. Believe it or not, this little lady is what the whole game is based on. I forgot to say, this review will contain spoilers. Now, lets get back to the gameplay, eve hypos and medikits have been replaced with Elizabeth, sacrificing a bit from the gameplay but nothing to do, sometimes you have to give something for another! And I believe this is what has happened with this game. And to be honest it was worth it, she really created a different aspect to it, with the tears, supplies, etc. Even if she didn't act like she was promised, like literally fighting to enemies with witch craft, she still did a pretty good job. Second fact that effected the gameplay was that we finally got rid of the depressive atmosphere of Rapture and got into the pretty Columbia, the most racist and messed up city on the universe! (Until Ken Levine starts making a new Bioshock.) Even if this city looks pretty from the outside, its really messed up in the inside. With racism, torture, discrimination against the people who are not American. So Columbia is basically a bit more messed up version of Elysium with gigantic half robot, half human people who are called Handy-men, sky hooks, air ships, a dictator and crazy powers called Vigors.

Vigors are Columbia's version of plasmids, but differently they are a lot more brutal and they use salts, not Eve. The thing that bothered me about the vigors are that there are not a lot of them. Crows have replaced bees, Devil's Kiss replaced Incinerate, Undertow and Return to Sender is Telekinesis, etc..

Also, there are now Skyhooks that help you move around in a spesific area, which is pretty useful.

Now, I think I have explained enough, you should see the story yourself because its a bit of a mindfuck and I think it'll be more amazing experience if you play it.

Kuzey out for today.
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