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Jan 4, 2018
Hello everyone.

This isn't a forum to change something in a game, this is just so people see this and understand how ignoring this is.

Sometimes when im in a lobby, waiting for a game to start, i see people begging for stuff like: "Vote for normal hp" or "vote for normal items" (9/10 time stone rankers).
I understand its frustating if you don't get the gamemode/hp what you cant, but don't beg for people to vote what you want, while they spend money on there rank.
If you buy the lapis rank for 12 euros, you can vote for hp, or you can buy the gold rank for 26 euros, so you can vote for everything.
I understand that some people don't have alot of money, because they are a child or for other reasons. But still, please don't beg for thing while people spend money on it.


Sep 13, 2021
I think it is fine to politely ask for a gamemode. I am a diamond rank myself and have been asked before and it is totally fine. They are just people wanting to get a vote once and a while. Before I was a diamond rank, I sometimes asked for a vote and that was one reason I upgraded to diamond rank is because I saw how the other ranks could just vote for whatever they want and tried the fun game modes and I wanted a diamond rank of my own. I think it helps advertise their ranks.
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