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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by HappyKrazy, Apr 2, 2016.

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    These are my words I have to say
    1° The PvP is not very good and a bit bugea
    2° Is not possible to craft the apples Notch
    3° And use the arrows to go to the middle levitation
    4° You delay getting the item
    Please come back to version 1.8
    Who is with me

    Estas son las palabras que tengo que decir
    1 ° El PvP no es muy buena y se bugea un poco
    2 ° No es posible craftear las Manzanas de Notch
    3 ° Y utilizan la flecha de levitacion para ir al medio
    4 ° se demora en usar el item
    Por favor, vuelva a la versión 1.8
    Quién está conmigo
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    Cubecraft is never going back to 1.8, sorry. You're just going to need to get use to 1.9. Bugs will be fixed soon and overtime.
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