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Jun 18, 2014
I feel like a whole new world made for adventure maps would be awesome. Also,because there isn't a lot of servers which have adventure maps so this would make cubecraft stand out to both new and existing players. Through personal experience, I know there is a lot of hassle involved in trying to play multiplayer adventure maps with friends as it involves numerous tasks: Downloading the map, setting the game up ETC. Also, I know there is a lot of players on the server which do enjoy role play servers and on the suggestion forums as you may be away, there are serveral active players asking for a RP server or RP commands for example. I just think it would be really cool if the server created a new world which contained several adventure maps like 'the drop' and 'Herobrine's mansion' with a lot of lobbies so players don't overflow or lag out maps. To add, I feel a nice touch for donators could be that they can gain a command which allows them to set up a private party where they can invite both Donator and non-donator players to the party and the owner of the party, when they enter a lobby, it takes the entire party with them. I know there is a command for this as there are many other game servers which include this and it is really helpful on busy/popular servers like cubecraft. The command also instantly sets up a party chat where only party members can see in and chat. They can turn back to global chat as they wish, but again i have forgotten the command. I'm sorry for the essay but I just thought i'd leave the suggestion as i think it would benefit a lot of people :p

Thanks :)
Oct 20, 2013
I've already suggested separate rp chats for the creative server, so there would be less coding needed, and less building for the builders (although they could use some more projects), it's not a bad idea. :)
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