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Apr 29, 2014
We are a group. We are a community, but we are a very small spec on this world. Size is not what counts, what counts is your ability to pick others up when they are feeling down, your ability to make someone’s life better. We aren't capable of just that. We are capable of anything. Anything we set our minds to can be accomplished no matter how hard the task. The task may take a while, but it will eventually be accomplished. There are so many ways we can help the world as a whole. The smallest ideas can have a massive effect. One problem we face today is coming up with new ideas. Many of us try to do something similar to our idol of choice. Many people do youtube, which, by the way, is a great pastime. I challenge you to come up with an idea to better someone, a community, or even the world. We may think we are small, but we are a very large force when we put our minds to it. Ideas can be submitted to me through a private message to either of my youtube channels found in the links below.

I hope to see many great ideas submitted. Ideas can even be Minecraft related if you can find a way to do so. Any idea to better someone will be great! The contest will end the 15th of May. If you would like an extension of the end date be sure to PM me about it on either of my YouTube channels. A full video on the contest will be posted on both channels at a later date.

TheFlamingEnd ( My dual channel):



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