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1.9 games fun?

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    Everyone is now complaining about 1.9 which is reasonable....but it has its own goodness.
    first of all lets look at the pros and cons of 1.9
    pros: cons:
    great duel wielding pvp is bad....
    great potenital for the abilities are hard to master and use
    other gamemodes rather than
    Now lets look at hypixel
    they have the 1.8 pvp system which is the one we all know and love.
    u can still use 1.9 but u cant use the features.
    so i have a suggestion to the game developers. make it like hypixel,the 1.8 combat system is the one we all love
    and 1.9 has great new blocks and commands.so try to have the 1.8 combat system but also have
    some 1.9 gamemodes.thank you for reading=)