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Dec 20, 2021

@ryooXD tagged me on Discord to add a new impossible level to Parkour, so I turned it into a map update. Enjoy!

🗺️ New Parkour Maps!

Some are very easy, and some are impossible! - View them below as Java Difficulty/Bedrock Difficulty

Simple/Easy - Candy 🍬

View attachment 224169
The key is to sugar-rush on these!

Simple/Easy - Volcanic 🌋

View attachment 224172
so hot right now

Easy/Normal - Ice 🧊

View attachment 224168
Wow... SO COOL!

Hard/Impossible - Chess ♟️

View attachment 224170
No. Ron, no!

🏃 New Competitive Parkour Maps!

It's been a while since a new competitive map has been added, so we're adding TWO new ones! They are a little different to most other maps. You will be able to run side by side against your rival making it more exciting!

Competitive - Neon 🌆

View attachment 224173
Watt's up with this?

Competitive - Arcade 🎮

View attachment 224182
Games within a game? WHAAAT?!
gonna be honest that arcade map looks awsome
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