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Jan 16, 2018
Hello CubeCrafters!

We've just updated our biggest game on our network, EggWars! - We've made changes to our Bedrock EggWars rank which adds new exclusive cosmetics including generator skins. We've also added so many new maps for both networks, and we've added new game features, tweaks, map balances and tweaks and general Quality of Life features. This update is massive, read below to learn more! 🎉

💡 Features & Tweaks - Emeralds, Favourite items, Enchants & Kits!

To build the foundation of this update, we worked with our EggWars focus group team and community suggestions to create a good balance of new features, fixes & Quality of Life.

We've made some changes to Emeralds. We've removed the radius detector on Emerald generators, so they naturally generate Emeralds without you needing to be close to the generator. We've changed it so you can upgrade Emerald generators and most maps have more than 1 Emerald generator, one will always be level 1. We've also merged the Emerald shop into the main EggWars shop, into the appropriate categories.

We've also added enchantments for armour! - You can buff up your armour even more if you have Emerald tokens.

There are new Emerald token specific items:
  • Ender chest - This allows you or your team to have your own private inventory.
  • Elytra - One flight usage, so use it wisely.
  • High-efficiency pickaxe - This allows you to break through blocks like butter.
  • Sharpness sword & axe - This will allow you to slash your enemies even faster.
Along with the Emerald tweaks. We've also added a new system into our EggWars shop which will change your EggWars experience forever! Introducing Favourite shop items! - You can now select your most used items and have them pinned at the bottom of the EggWars shop. You have 3 load-outs, one for each gamemode: Normal, Overpowered & Hardcore. Your favourite items are saved and carried over into the same gamemode. You can add, remove or tweak your favourite items whenever!


Favourited item selection.

We've added 2 new kits to EggWars. One for Java and one for Bedrock:
  • Java - Chicken Legs - Gives Speed 2 for 10 seconds on respawn
  • Bedrock - Healer - Gives golden apples

🌍 New maps!

What would a game update be without some maps!? We've added 6 brand NEW and epic maps to our EggWars gamemode for both Java & Bedrock.

Sun - Solo EggWars

Cyber City - Team EggWars/Teams of 2
Cyber City.png

Ruins - Team EggWars/Teams of 4

Mystery (Magic revamp) - Team EggWars/Teams of 4

Atlantis - EggWars Teams of 10 (Bedrock only)

Eve - EggWars Teams of 10 (Bedrock only)

🛒 EggWars Rank revamp - New cosmetics & Generator Skins!

As you know this past year we've made great strides in the quality of our cosmetics, we want to bring our ranks up to speed with this quality level as well, starting with EggWars.

We've introduced a brand new loot type, generator skins! These skins can sync to the drops of the tokens and when you upgrade them far enough they overload and have fancy animations in response to this, they also take on cool appearances depending on which type of generator it is.

You can purchase our Bedrock EggWars Rank here!

Sewer Crawler

This monster crawls in the sewer finding tokens for your battle on the surface.


There are tokens in the pipes, flush them out!


These ominous floating islands from different dimensions spawn tokens, how magical!

In addition to generator skins we've also added new egg break messages, these are selectable from the in-game loot menu allowing you to customize your egg break message in chat for other players to see.


Finally, we also put in two new egg skins & three new shop skins featuring some wacky designs.

EggDonalds Drive Thru, Human That Likes Peas & Toucan Delivery Service

Dragon's Keep & Rocketship featuring our new egg break animations

🧾 Full changelog!

This update has a lot of content, changes and tweaks. Not all we can mention above, so we've compiled a list below!
New features:
- Added 6 new maps.
- Added enchantments for armour.
- Added ability to favourite items.
- Added new Bedrock kit (Healer).
- Added new Java kit (Chicken legs).
- Added new Java ability (Eggs to Riches).
- Added 13 new Java Achievements.
- Added new Emerald items: Enderchest, Elytra, High-efficiency pickaxe, sharpness sword/axe.
- Added new generator particles on Java.
- You now receive the kill for a player if you've broken their egg and they jump into the void.
- You can now build in team respawn locations after their egg is broken.
- You now receive the win if your team wins whilst you're eliminated.
- Generators now generating 10 seconds before the game starts.

Game tweaks:
- Amended Bedrock Baker kit.
- Amended Java Shell Cracker kit.
- Amended some Java achievements.
- Spiced up particles floating around the egg on Java.
- Changed the price and health of Eggmites.
- Changed the price of the player tracker
- Added an action bar message for player tracking on Bedrock.
- Changed the price of the Blastball.
- Added a countdown message for Blastballs.
- The Blastball can now be thrown long distances.
- Slightly upped the block damage of Blastballs.
- Blastballs cannot be used very close to teammates.
- Blastballs can no longer break obsidian.
- The emerald shop has been merged with the default shop categories.
- Most maps now have multiple Emerald generators.
- Removed the little bounce TNT does when it's placed.
- Removed speed potion.
- Removed Weakness & Slowness potions.
- Changed the price of Enderpearls.
- Changed the price of Golden apples.
- Slightly upped the height that leap feathers produce.
- Changed the price of the leap feather.
- Changed the price of the stone sword on hardcore.
- Changed the price of the tower builder.
- Changed the price of the strength potion.
- Added cooldowns to ladder and wall structures.
- Changed the price of Notch apples.
- Changed the price of the shield.
- Tokens now despawn on generators over time.
- Removed EggWars shop classic view.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed ghost particles not appearing for structure items on Bedrock.
- Fixed not being able to buy items from the EggWars shop if you had blocks in your offhand.
- Fixed typos in some achievements and kit messages.
- Fixed accidentally clicking generators and getting spammed on Bedrock.
- Fixed an issue with Obsidian blocks not breaking with stone pickaxes.
- Fixed an issue with text sentences with tokens not being used in plural or singular terms.
- Fixed an issue with the shop giving items even if you don't have enough tokens.
- Fixed an issue with arrows not stacking.
- Fixed an issue with ghost blocks from TNT.
- Fixed an issue with eating 2 golden apples at the same time.
- Fixed an issue with eating food from both hands at the same time.

Map tweaks:
- Removed Magic team map.
- Fixed Diamond gen from being able to be blocked off easily on MLG.
- Fixed an issue with players not being able to place blocks on barriers on Kong.
- Fixed an issue with players not being able to place blocks on barriers on Toys.
- Removed helicopters from Storm.
- Flattened the terrain on Storm.
- Reduce the design at the middle on Palace.
- Split the bridges apart on Bedrock Bridges.
- Put the semi and starting islands on the same Y level on Snowy.
- Made it so you cannot build under the map on Town.
- Moved egg location on Fairytale on Bedrock.
- Blocked up the windows to the tower on Fairytale.
- Made Yellow & Purple equal distance to the middle on Forest.
- Reduced the number of generators on Fallen on Bedrock to reduce lag.
- Fixed the beds from disappearing on Town.
- Made starting islands equal to the middle on Beach.
- Filled in the stairs on Beach.
- Reduced Y-axis on Rome to allow blocking saving.
- Made Football on Java more balanced, with egg location, generators and flattening terrain.
- Made Blossom on Java more balanced, with villager location, generators and terrain.
- Added easier wants to get to the middle island and eggs on Royalty.
- Adjusted the build limit on Mansion to stop camping.
- Adjusted the build limit on Dwarven to stop camping.
- Adjusted the build limit on Waterfall to stop camping.
- Fixed an issue with the roofs on Elven on Java.
- Changed respawn and shop location and split up semi-mid ring on Golf.
- Reducing starting island iron generator from level 3 to 2 on Steampunk.
- Made the middle island equal size on Stronghold on Java.
- Reduced the number of panes, fences and cobblestone walls used on Modern.
- Reduced the amount of lava at the middle on Aztec.

There are some of the community suggestions are contributed to this update:
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/update-eggwars-mega-map.291796
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/can-we-get-more-egg-wars-mega-maps.283379
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/map-egg-wars.283662
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-maps.281952
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/remove-or-move-the-emerald-gen-in-mansion-team-eggwars.279624
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/feedback-about-map-egg-wars-mega.290800
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/more-maps-in-eggwars.276318
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/changes-to-eggwars-normal-mode.277742
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-allow-us-to-build-near-spawns-when-the-egg-is-gone.291756
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-generators.286758
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/mining-obsidian.290471
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-qol-features.290950
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/make-diamond-pickaxes-cost-more-gold-in-eggwars-basic.292560
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/price-reduction-for-player-trackers-repost.288624
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/custom-shop-in-eggwars-repost.282248
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwor-suggestion-1-1-1.281820
- https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-needs-an-update-now.252546
- Special thanks to everyone from the EggWars Focus group that helped give their suggestions and feedback! <3

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy this epic EggWars update. Have fun and stay safe!


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Jun 1, 2021
The moon
Amazing update! Im excited to explore the new maps and try out the new items. Amazing work to everyone involved!


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Dec 31, 2017
The Butterfly Gardens
This has been long awaited, but it's all worth it! What a fantastic update, I couldn't be happier from the beautiful maps to the unique additions! Amazing efforts to everyone involved! <3


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Feb 15, 2021
Taking advantage of the situation xd
could you move the store on the icy map, solo eggwars? people get into the villager and it is impossible to hit them with some shop skins (bedrock) because there is a wall behind


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Jan 1, 2017
South Africa
Whoooop! The favourite shop items addition is probably the highlight of this update for me and I'm loving the maps!! Thank you for pushing this update 😍


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Apr 5, 2020
Nice to see emeralds being made more worthwhile to collect, and new maps always welcome!


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Aug 23, 2016
The Shattered Plains
Ender chest - This allows you or your team to have your own private inventory.
Not a fan of this. Allows for a lot of camping in team Eggwars with barely any risk to it.
Elytra - One flight usage, so use it wisely.
Could have been a great item to combat campers that bowspam. Sadly I doubt I'll see it being used much, because it's gated behind emeralds.
Introducing Favourite shop items! - You can now select your most used items and have them pinned at the bottom of the EggWars shop.
Love it! The update has made for a much more fast paced game, which is basically the only thing I wanted out of an Eggwars update.

- Generators now generating 10 seconds before the game starts.
Haven't tried Hardcore yet, but I'm hoping it has become a bit more fun instead of just a waiting game on gens with the changed to the generator speeds. That said, diamond is way too much and way too fast right now. Didn't think it needed to be changed and now it's just way too easy to get stacked up in no time at all.

- Removed Weakness & Slowness potions.
Fantastic. These lasted way too long in Solo games.

- Spiced up particles floating around the egg on Java.
Maybe nitpicky, but the fireworks on the eggs and the particles on gens are a bit .. too much.


It has some lovely QoL additions and changes and I love the new solo map (both beautiful and fun to play on). But just like with the last update, my biggest gripe remains the desperate need to make emeralds a thing in Eggwars. Most solo Eggwars games I play last between the 5 and 10 minutes, emerals will not be used.

The new ability is pretty much a waste of coins. A very small change of receiving 1 emerald for breaking an egg? Even when you go around and break all eggs you will still need to be lucky to even get 1 emerald out of it. And some of these items cost a ridiculous amount of emeralds.

Assuming someone rushes to mid and proceeds to sit down on 1 emerald gen, they will need 5 minutes to upgrade it to the next level... as mentioned, the game will already be close to finished at that point (in solo eggwars).

I just don't understand the focus on emeralds, once again. Why was it still such a big focus for the team? The last update didn't go over too well and was heavily focused on emeralds too. What made the team decide to once again try to push emeralds?

I feel like it won't be used much... and when it is going to be used, it will be in teammode by a party that will just take joy out of endlessly steamrolling the other teams without breaking eggs... but that's just my feelings about this.

Overall I really do think this update has added some nice features that I'll benefit from. I don't think I will see much of the emeralds unless I decide to camp for it, which just isn't gonna happen.


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Dec 3, 2016
Antwerp - Belgium
At first I was skeptical with the price changes but now I'm starting to think you might have aced this update... First time for everything huh?
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