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Mar 26, 2021
Cordoba, Spain
This update was definitely necessary, and I want to say THANKS for adding the compass again in Java lobbies as it was super annoying having to walk to the NPC's every time you wanted to play a minigame.


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Oct 1, 2016
I have seen many lobbies over the years, but this one has something special. It immediately gives you an inviting feeling to visit this lobby!


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Team CubeCraft
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Sep 22, 2016
What an amazing Hubdate
Oct 15, 2021
The new lobby is cool but I think it should be the way it was before. If a new game is added, you can put them in another row like in Hypixel. I don't like that they removed the pressure plates that boost you. Why is there no train or hot air balloon in the java lobby?


Sep 26, 2021
Hello CubeCrafters,

We're very excited to unveil our brand new hub on both Java & Bedrock, we've been working on this project for a long time now and we're finally ready to release it for all of you to see! 🎉

It features all new 1.12 blocks from our update in Summer as well as more details with models for Bedrock.

View attachment 202765
Our new CubeCraft hub

🎈 Main Area

We've overhauled the main game area with some changes that will make your CubeCraft experience better:

Starting with the removal of portals. We understand that many people love the portals however after our rapid game releases they became incredibly difficult to work with in the lobby due to their scale and inability to curve. Our new design allows us to move NPCs closer and curve them around the player for a cleaner design.

Banners have all been remastered and put a larger focus on the colour of that gamemode to make each game look visually unique from spawn. Additionally we've created new models for the menu items in spawn; VIP levels, gifting & content packs to represent more of what they are & they also have a cool spin - take a look!

View attachment 202768
Some remastered banners

👟 New Lobby Parkour & Rewards

We know our community love lobby parkour, so we've got three new ones for you and due to popular demand Bedrock comes with two rewards to unlock for completing the parkour! Completion of 'Rooftop' rewards you with a win effect called Cityscape, and completion of 'Tower' grants you a prefix.

View attachment 202767
Our three new lobby parkours - what's your fastest time?

🛒 Lobby Shops

We had shops built into the main city square early on and we thought it'd be cool if they were functional instead of leaving them empty & boring, so we've added marketplace content to them and in the future we will have game loot stores as well! - What stores would you like to see in the future? 👀

View attachment 202769
Marketplace Clothes Shop

🚂 Train

During our development process we always thought it'd be fun to explore the lobby via transportation like a real city, so we created a fully functioning train, the coolest way to explore the new hub!

The train will take you around our lobby at various stations and is ridable by up to 30 people at the same time, it has cool jingles, effects & animations.

🎈 Hot Air Balloon

Alongside the train we've also got a hot air balloon for getting to those hard to reach places around the lobby, it flies through the sky and seats 4 people at once, you and others in the balloon can vote on locations to visit before take off!

🌅 Day/Night Cycle

We've added a day/night cycle to the lobby and it will always keep moving forward, to compensate for the darkness of night time we've also added cool lamp post models on Bedrock that emit light.

🎫 Java Changes

We've also made some changes to Java that don't apply to Bedrock such as lobby games; we've increased the amount of hidden chest locations and relic markers for relic hunting.

The compass has also made a return to Java with this new lobby, so you can select games without even moving to the NPCs!

Similar to Bedrock, Java is being limited by the art backdrops behind them as they cannot be curved, we also discovered they contribute massively to frame rate issues in the lobby, since we've removed these we've seen large FPS boosts to players.

Furthermore thanks to @itsmochhi and @gumoholic - we now have brand-new skins for all the NPCs in the main area! Among Slimes was not included in this list because it uses a skin from in the game, this may change in the future.

View attachment 202774

📰 Full Changelog

  • Remastered banner models.
  • Removed portals.
  • Added train & hot air balloon transportation.
  • Curved podiums and moved closer to spawn platform.
  • Added models around spawn for decoration. (including benches you can sit on!)
  • Moved all NPCs & Banners into resource pack for loading times.
  • Added functional shops you can walk in.
  • Added ability to teleport straight to spawn using hot bar item.
  • Added entities around hub that teleport you to spawn.
  • Added lobby Parkour rewards.
  • Added day/night cycle.
  • Added CubeCraft logo above spawn.
  • Added new model icons for gifting, VIP levels & content packs.
  • Added ability to teleport to games by walking inside NPCs.
  • Fixed glitchy doors.
  • Fixed dismounting being glitchy.
  • Fixed some directional blocks not pointing in correct direction.
  • Increased general lobby performance.
  • Fixed internal server error after completing lobby parkour.
  • Moved "best time" text underneath current time in lobby parkour.
  • Fixed teleporting bug in lobby parkour.
  • Re-added compass to Java.
  • Removed backdrops & logos. (boosting performance as well)
  • Remastered/remade all Java skins. (excl Among Slimes)
  • Added 20% more Relic Hunting & Chest Chaser locations.

🎇 Team

Development: @SuperSuccubus
Lead Builder: @Unstrafeless
Project Lead & Models: @Story
Interior Builder: @TheJeroen
Java Skins: @itsmochhi & @gumoholic
Protocol & Extras: @Redned
Hot Air Balloon: @amandapanda
Parkour Rewards: @camulos03
Lobby Parkour: @Berty

And that's it for this update! Thanks everyone for reading - if you want to take a look at some FREE backgrounds for your desktop or phone, check them out on our public Notion page HERE! 🏙️
We need hole in the wall to Be added to parkour pls I beg 🙏
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