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Apr 9, 2020
Hello CubeCrafters!

As the title mentions, the season of ghosts and ghouls is upon us, which means it's time for our Halloween event! Because we're updating our networks to 1.19, all of our resources are focused on getting that out soon, so this Halloween event is a little simplified. But we still wanted this event to happen as we know you guys love Halloween.

We will have awesome content for you to check out, such as new maps for both networks, and new Bedrock cosmetic bundles! - Read below to find out more.

👻 Halloween Hub & New Maps!

As usual, our main hub has been transformed into a pumpkin and death-infested world. We've added a new Catacombs parkour and also hidden other spooky secrets around the lobby.

View attachment 215420
Halloween Hub 2022
What's a seasonal update without some seasonal maps?! - We've added a batch of new Halloween maps for both our networks.

🪦 Graveyard - EggWars To4

View attachment 215414
You'll be in grave danger!

👻 Ghosts - EggWars To2

View attachment 215415
This map is Fa-boo-lous!

⛪ Haunted - Free for All

View attachment 215416
Ghouls just want to have fun!

🕸️ Spooky - BlockWars CTF

View attachment 215417
You’ve ghost to be kidding me!

💀 Skeleton - BlockWars Bridges

View attachment 215418
Play this map for your daily dose of calcium

Along with the new maps, we have some favourites returning to both our networks.
Chandelier - Solo SkyWars
View attachment 215409

Creepy - Team EggWars (Java only)
View attachment 215404

Haunted - SkyWars Teams of 2
View attachment 215407

Scare - SkyWars Teams of 4
View attachment 215408

Graveyard - Solo EggWars
View attachment 215405

Spider - Solo Lucky Islands
View attachment 215410

Halloween - MinerWare
View attachment 215406

😱 Horror Bundle Returns!

Introduced during our Halloween 2021 event, we're adding back our Horror Bundle. Packed with 10 creepy cosmetics: Win Effect, Flag Skin, Cages, Shoe, Buddy, Prefixes & More! - You can check it out on our Bedrock server store.

🥚 EggWars Halloween Bundle!

We've added a brand new EggWars Halloween-themed cosmetic bundle, filled with spooky EggWars cosmetics. Check it out on our Bedrock Server Store.

View attachment 215400

Spooky Skeleton & Killer Clown Shop Skins

Flaming Skull & Pumpkin Egg Skins

Trapped Zombies & Book of Terrors Generator Skins

🏹 SkyWars Halloween Bundle!

In addition to the EggWars Halloween Bundle, we've added a Halloween bundle, exclusive to SkyWars content. Filled with cages, chest skins, gravestones and arrow trails! - Check it out on our Bedrock Server Store.

View attachment 215402

Reanimated & Cocooned Cages

Pumpkin & Jack in the Box Chest Skins

In the Floorboards & Witches Rest Gravestones

❤️ Team

Builder: @Unstrafeless @TheJeroen @Robbedz
Configuration: @Joëlle
Design: @camulos03 @SuperSuccubus
Project Lead & Development: @Story

That's everything for CubeCraft's Halloween Event 2022. We hope you enjoy playing our new maps, old maps and checking out our new Bedrock cosmetic bundles!
Can't wait for Halloween 2023. This is going to be one of the best updates of all time. If not, the update will look beautiful and better than the 2022 one :)
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