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Feb 15, 2020
As a previous member of the TT, I can only feel saddened for everyone who has put their time and hard work in the translation project.

I believe it's a message like "We don't need you anymore" and I believe it's an insult towards the current translators.
Usually people do the opposite as you do, they go from community driven to private translations (example: Discord).

It's not the first bad decision they've made and it won't be the last.

Hello people from the TT, if someone even remembers me
We remember o7


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Mar 31, 2021
The TT also became less and less inactive since the last "rewamp" (coincidence?). Seems like it wasn't that much a good rewamp, otherwise people wouldn't have left or become less active :shreklook:

Feels like that
[Redacted meme due to lack of freedom of speech]
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Sep 15, 2018
It's honestly sad to see this happen to a project that hundreds of volunteers have been working very hard for. The Translation team was not only about providing the server with X number of strings every month, it was about creating friendships with amazing individuals. For some members, the team was like a second family.

I'm terribly sorry for everyone who's negatively affected by this decision. I guess everything happens for a reason... Don't forget to stay amazing!


Jun 6, 2021
Hai CubeCrafters!
We are excited to announce our future goals and process for getting our server translated into more languages and becoming accessible to more people!

🫂 Community Driven

We are going to be merging our current Translation Team with the entirety of the community!
After a lot of thought and looking into how the current recruitment process and growth of the team/languages has gone, we have found it to be rather difficult for people to join in on the project. We are changing this to make the whole translation project more open to everyone and easier for you all to contribute to.

When will this be happening?
We are excited to welcome you all onto the project. However, we will be putting a brief pause on the translation project so that we can ensure everything is ready to start welcoming you all onto the project! Once things are ready, we will announce it to you all and get the ball rolling! Keep your eyes peeled for that update.

🌎 Future of the Team

With these changes, we will be altering the way that recruitment for the translation project works. From now on, users do not need to apply to become a part of the translation project. Instead, you simply need to create an account on Weblate and start translating for your language!

What does this mean for the current team?
  • We will unfortunately be closing down the translation team as it is currently known. This means we will no longer have the Translator/SrTranslator ranks, as anyone can be a part of the team.
  • We will have applications for proofreaders, which will be handled through the forums, and will still have minimum requirements.
  • The Translation Team Discord will be closed, however, we will be opening a place on our official Discord where you all can discuss the projects or work with others at the same time.
  • All currently translated strings, that have been approved, will be pushed onto the network to ensure our translations there are up to date.
  • We will be putting a small pause on future translations until we have everything ready for you all to join in.

Keep in mind:
  • We will still be monitoring all translations.
  • If you suggest translations to be things that break our rules or are trolling, your Weblate account will be suspended.

View attachment 210623 What is Weblate?

This is the site we utilize to allow you guys to translate the strings on our server into your language!
It allows you all to see the progress that your specific language has made in translating the strings on our server, as well as individual projects' translation progress.

📜 Additional Information

Once the ball starts rolling in terms of making this project public, a few things will be happening in a specific way to ensure the growth of our proofreading team, as well as the languages we translate on the server.

These changes are as follows:
- Proofreader applications
We are still going to have proofreaders who can check the strings that have been approved or completed for consistency. To become a proofreader, please read our thread on how to join in on the translation project.

- Adding a language
Speak a language that is not yet available or started on Weblate/our server? Create a suggestion for it and if it gets enough support from others who speak the language, we will be happy to add it! We are constantly looking to increase the number of languages our server is available to in order to broaden the accessibility.

💙 Special Thanks

We wanted to thank our Translation Team for everything they have done to get the translations to the point they are at now! Each individual has contributed so much and allowed us to make our server available to Non-English speaking users. We are beyond proud of the achievements that you as a team have made and accomplished each step of the way! Seeing the content on our servers and even our rules become available to more languages has been an amazing sight. It is all thanks to you all!

While we may be saying goodbye to the team aspect, we are not concluding our continued efforts of making the content on our server available to more Non-English users all over the world. We are excited to welcome more community members to this project and continue with our translation project!
I will miss the og translation team.


Aug 24, 2021
I still can't believe you did this to us. Thanks for not appreciating our work at all. The least you could've done is keeping Obsidian rank or something for your Ex-Sr.Translators. How you handled all of this is the exact opposite of "we appreciate you, TT" and I'm very disappointed.

Actions speak louder than words. Bye, Cubecraft!


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Feb 24, 2019
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