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Mar 31, 2018

Hello, forums! Welcome back to another month of Community Highlights! For anyone who is new to this, in this series I summarise all of the amazing updates, community posts and user activity over the latest month into just one thread. I would like to apologise in advance for the strange colour scheme, which was supposed to look like the RGB bundle, but I feel all this has achieved is making the thread look even less professional than it originally was. Besides that, there are no other important changes from the previous edition, so let's just get right into it!


This section summarises all of the major updates and changes that have happened across the network over the past month!

Bedrock Cosmetics Refresh! 🎁

The month began with an update right away on November 1st. Many of the Bedrock server cosmetics got some refreshed looks, including the food and emoji buddy packs and the flight cage pack. See it all for yourself by visiting the official news thread here!

Java Map Rotations! 🗺️

On November 12th, the team announced a new map rotation system for the Java network! This means that some maps will be added and some maps will be removed every time this happens, and the team is aiming to do this every 3 months. This rotation also included the introduction of several new maps. You can find out which map changes happened and what the new maps look like by reading the official news post here!

RGB Content! 🌈

On November 15th, the RGB bundle and a new map to go along with it were released! The new map is for Lucky Islands Teams of 4, you can check out how it looks in the official news thread here

Survival Games Update! ⚔️

Survival Games also received an update this month, featuring a new map called Space, supply drops, and redesigned cosmetics for the Survival Games rank along with a new one! The new cosmetic is the Explosion kill effect, and you can see the animation for yourself in the official news post here

Winter Update! 🌨️

Snow and ice arrived on CubeCraft on November 27th, bringing with it a winter lobby and lobby hunt, winter game maps, the return of the festive bundle and two limited-time Winter gamemodes. Present Rush is a game new to Bedrock, and a community favourite, Snowman Survival, has been added to both networks. You can get the Blizzard win effect for free by completing the Bedrock toy hunt, and there is also a chance to win some free loot by participating in the winter competition on our Discord server! Read more here.

What's Next? 👀

Since the last time we checked in on the public updates board, the Battle Arena update is still in progress. However, three new updates have also been added! First up is the EggWars update, which has been getting the community quite excited. It should include an overhaul of shop pricing, a new feature shop, and overall making EggWars feel more like the OG version again. As well as this, there is an update for BlockWars in the works. This update should result in the full release of Giga BlockWars, after being a Beta gamemode for over a year. It should also feature two new Giga gamemodes and three new CTF maps. Finally, the last update is a map update, which should see some of the new Java maps that were discussed during the Java maps rotation coming to Bedrock too, as well as some more new maps. Remember that more details and spoilers may be released down the line, so keep your eye on the public updates board!


This section highlights the most reacted to threads on the forums over the past month. Simply click on the title to be taken directly to the post. The current categories are top suggestions and top creations. Make sure to react to your favourite threads as it helps them to get promoted in this one!

Top Suggestions

⭐ What Cubecraft Can Learn from the 1.19 Update by @RelatedNoobs
This thread opens some interesting discussions about the 1.19 update and what RelatedNoobs thinks could have been done better. Later in the thread we see some very interesting responses, both from other community members and official team members. I would definitely recommend reading this thread if you're looking for more insight into the biggest update of the year.

⭐ Why Birthday Map should be brought back. by @qLewiss
Strangely enough, a suggestion thread about this exact topic has been in the top rankings before, so I'll spare you the details. But let it be known just how much the Birthday map was loved by the community!

⭐ Cancel friend request option by @cryptofrogz
Have you ever accidentally sent a friend requests to someone while sitting in the lobby? Cryptofrogz suggests that, instead of having to scroll through all of your friend requests looking for this player to then withdraw the request, you should be able to do it simply by clicking on their profile.

Top Creations

⭐ Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubecraft (Forums) Fanfiction! by @Desiderata
This is surely one of the biggest creative projects the forums has seen in a long time! I'm very excited but not surprised that this thread took the top spot, and I highly recommend that you go and read the story (or at least the part that is out so far)!

⭐ CubeCraft Gamemodes | Pixar Movie Posters Style (AI) by @Eli
Have you ever wonder what the CubeCraft gamemodes might look like if they were actually movie posters? No? Oh well, this thread should answer that question for you regardless, as Eli has created movie posters for them, with the help of AI of course.

⭐ Some prefixes I made part 2 by @WorriedSkate940
A simple but very nice creation, WorriedSkate940 has created some new prefixes for potential use in future CubeCraft bundles. What do you think?


This section displays the users who were the most active on the forums or Discord server this month. There are four categories, three on the forums and one on the Discord server. Check them out below!

Most Forum Messages
🥇 @Reesle - 128 Messages
🥈 @Dualninja - 85 Messages
🥉 @Desiderata - 83 Messages

Most Forum Profile Posts
🥇 @Reesle - 191 Profile Posts
🥈 @UncleSpect - 118 Profile Posts
🥉 @xi1m2946 - 97 Profile Posts

Most Forum Reactions
🥇 @Reesle - 431 Reactions
🥈 @Desiderata - 271 Reactions
🥉 @Casualpoalrbear - 260 Reactions

Most Discord Messages
🥇 ssshadoww - 8,673 Messages
🥈 citedlake577 - 4,047 Messages
🥉 ximena - 4,035 Messages

Community Statistics 📊
  • 388 new members joined the forums this month. That's 15 less than last month!
  • 228 threads were posted on the forums this month. That's 53 more than last month!
  • 1,920 messages were posted on the forums this month. That's 668 more than last month!
  • 1,654 profile posts were made on the forums this month. That's 351 more than last month!
  • 6,378 reactions were used on the forums this month. That's 2,429 more than last month!
  • 149,076 messages were sent on the Discord server this month. That's 19,778 less than last month!
  • 704 tickets were opened on the Discord server this month. That's 271 less than last month!


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Mar 31, 2018
Nice community highlights for this month, all of the top suggestions are well deserved!
Though I'm surprised that my EggWars Season 3 suggestion never made it to the list, considering that it caused an EggWars update to be planned
It would likely just be due to the number of positive reactions on the original post, since that's the way I currently measure it (subject to change after the new year btw). I'm not sure where your thread place outside of the top 3, but it was probably very close to the top.


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Oct 31, 2023
the darkest pits of hell
⭐ Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubecraft (Forums) Fanfiction! by @Desiderata
This is surely one of the biggest creative projects the forums has seen in a long time! I'm very excited but not surprised that this thread took the top spot, and I highly recommend that you go and read the story (or at least the part that is out so far)!
Never in my life have I ever thought of server staff featuring my work in a community highlights post let alone have people actually appreciate it, thank you guys so much for the support! 💜

(and I didn't really expect to be in most messages and reactions LOL, hope you guys find my inputs meaningful and insightful somehow)

I will promise to continue on working on this project, stay tuned for future chapters/content! It's gonna be a wild (Wildd Cubecraft?!?!?!?!) ride, I promise.

also props to @Centuria for writing the Prelude and creating the wonderful world of the Forumers Hunger Games series, without the one she made for the Hive and without her bangers this won't even be possible let alone be a thing in the first place

I forgot to say that you all did a great job! Congrats to Reesle, Dual, Xi1m, Polar, Spect, RelatedNoobs, Lewis, cryptofrogz, Eli, WorriedSkate, and to those fellas on Discord for making it up here!

Again, thank you all so much! Here's to another month in the forums!

and Happy Holidays y'all 🙏🙏🙏

P.S. If you wanna be a character in the story, you can apply here! (yes, just click on the hyperlink) It would help me a lot, and I would really appreciate it!
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May 25, 2022
I did not expect to get first in all categories again. I guess I’m move active than I thought lol. At least I have 128 messages instead of 99 like last time 😂.
Congrats to Desiderata, DualNinja, CasualPoalrBear, UncleSpect and xi1m2946 for also making it into the hall of fame!
Thank you for all of the work you put into these threads @Lyriie ! They’re always a good read! Also, I don’t mind the banners. It’s a bit more of a playful theme but I like it. 👍


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Feb 9, 2021
Most Forum Messages
🥇 @Reesle - 128 Messages
🥈 @Dualninja - 85 Messages
🥉 @Desiderata - 83 Messages
I Need to step up my game, 85 messages isn't enough! But in all seriousness the reason I write so many messages on the forums is because I'm passionate about Cubecraft and the community is really welcoming. I know it may sound cliche, but I'm so proud of this community, and everyone in it. I'm also going to reach 1,000 messages soon, so I'll prepare a special 1000th message, similar to what Hoshi did.
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