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Feb 22, 2021
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today we're excited to share with you our latest full game release. Introducing "Battle Arena". This gamemode composes of Duels & Free for All; it's their time to mature and get their own lobby!

🛡️ Duels & Free for All fully released!

Duels & Free for All have been in our Beta lobby for a while now, and it's time for them to be released fully! We've made an epic lobby for the gamemodes and brand new NPCs and title banner. The modes will soon be removed/replaced from the Beta Games lobby in the near future, but in the meantime, the NPCs in the Beta lobby will redirect to the awesome new Battle Arena lobby.

View attachment 191772
Battle Arena Lobby.

View attachment 191659
Battle Arena game NPCs

🗺️ Free for All - New maps!

To add to the epic release, we're adding 2 brand NEW Free for All maps to our Bedrock networks. To spice up your Free for All and PvP experience, get them a try!

Canals - Free for All
View attachment 191657
Don't fall into the water...

Kingdom - Free for All
View attachment 191658
Will you become the king of this land?

💎 Battle Arena Rank!

Along with the new gamemode and lobby, we've added a new rank to accompany the new release. We're added the Battle Arena Rank & Gift. It's packed with exclusive loot and abilities specific to Battle Arena. There's also a gift edition so you can give your friends a surprise! The rank unlocks:
  • Ability to select specific spawn locations in Free for All
  • Ability to change your personal time of day in Free for All
  • Ability to select specific kits within the Duels NPC (1v1 & 2v2)
  • 30+ unique kill messages in Battle Arena games
  • Blue kill messages in Free for All
  • Salt Shaker Win Effect (Shown below)
  • Tiger King Cage (Shown below)
  • Honour Gravestone
  • 5 Chat Prefixes

View attachment 191656
Check out the Rank HERE!

Salt Shaker Win Effect - From the Battle Arena Rank

Tiger King Cage - From the Battle Arena Rank

🎂 Bedrock Edition is 3 years old!

Our Bedrock network is soon to become 3 years old; it's growing up so fast! To celebrate, we're hosting a week-long event from the 21st-28th of April, where all of our previous seasonal and exclusive bundles and gifts return! - Just look for a Birthday cake in our lobbies!

The following content has returned!
  • Arctic Bundle
  • Back to School Bundle 2018
  • Back to School Bundle 2019
  • Spring Bundle 2019
  • Spring Bundle 2020
  • Halloween Bundle 2018
  • Halloween Bundle 2019
  • Halloween Bundle 2020
  • Summer Bundle 2019
  • Summer Bundle 2020
  • Thanksgiving Bundle 2018
  • Valentine's Pack 2020
  • Valentine's Pack 2021
  • Winter Bundle 2018
  • Winter Bundle 2019
  • Winter Bundle 2020
  • Winter Bundle 2020 - Gift
    (Thanksgiving Bundle 2019 will be enabled soon)

Thanks for reading; we hope you have an awesome time playing Battle Arena. Stay safe! :P
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