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vanity items

  1. colinverp

    restart FFA

    hi guys. I had the problem that I had a 40+ killstreak in FFA but the server restarted. hereby I lost my items and my killstreak. in this way you can't come all the way to the 100 killstreak for that achievement. en I thin this should chance: keep your items and killstreak after a server...
  2. Hoshi

    Java New Cosmetic Items

    I was kind of bored and wanted to do something practical. Currently, the cosmetics are cool and all, but all of it is only a limited amount. So, in my opinion, now would be a good time to add new cosmetics as there hasn't really been any news nor changes to it lately. I decided to come up with...
  3. CyberAutumn

    Lizard Hat.

    Hello! With the new vanity update, there are now hats that will move; emoji's, dog hat, etc. What comes with that new update is the lizard/chameleon hat. This hat is green, and it blinks and also moves it's tongue. What I am suggesting is that it changes color like a real chameleon! It'd be...
  4. Gemmmmie

    Who likes the new Vanity update?

    To be honest, I like the old vanity because I got to see what I needed to collect. However, I do like how they added more cool items e.g. Shields, gadgets, ect... Yet, I do not like how the new voting works and you only get 300 Experience and 200 Loot Points instead of 300 Experience and a...
  5. ToastO_O

    Better Use Of Vanity Points!

    Vanity Points: As Vanity Points are a little bit useless They are just Used to get Hats and other stuff so i am suggesting some new cool ideas so we can use Vanity Points in useful things Cubelets: What About Cubelets? I thinks Vanity Points Will be cool if you can buy cubelets with them...
  6. Emmy

    Miniature Ideas!

    So I was thinking about what minature packs would be cool to us, and people would be willing to buy. These are my ideas! One is all about pets and animals that you could have irl. The second one is all about Snapchat filters. For those of you who do not know Snapchat is a social media app. It...
  7. CamelinaBoat

    Vanity Items, Gadgets, and Cosmetic Suggestions. Part 1 of many.

    Hello There, Camel here again. This is something ive been saving and have been a bit lazy and such but i guess ill just post it now. heres some cosmetic stuff yall might want to see on the server :) Particle Effects Halo Theme Particle Effects: Using each color of dye, use firework particles...
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