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team eggwars

  1. Loskol

    Java Map suggestions for the next Java map rotation!

    Hey everyone! Cubecraft added new awesome maps recently during the Java map rotation, and so I decided to make this suggestion about which maps should be brought back when the next map rotation comes out! I know that Cubecraft will also add new maps, and thats why I'm requesting to add atleast...
  2. SirWytze

    Java Rank feature: Choosing island to start from

    This suggestion is only applicable to gamemodes such as (Team) Skywars, (Team) Eggwars (and Lucky Islands(?)) As an Emerald-ranker, I'm used to the features I unlocked with my rank such as voting for time, projectiles and chest types. Players with Emerald+ can fly in lobbies, can make bigger...
  3. ZoeyWolfhard

    Java Add an option to select Egg Wars Team!!

    I think that many of the players who are not VIPs may have the same problem as me, whenever I go to play with my friends I have to hope that I find a team match that is not a double, and I think it would be interesting to add an option to enter in the minigame directly, by selecting the number...
  4. Raam

    Java Trap Blocks Eggwars

    My friend and I were thinking for a new addition for eggwars. We were thinking about adding Trap blocks to Egg Wars Solo and Team one day .... That you can buy a diamond block in the store and if you put it down .... then you see a diamond block yourself but others just see the block that the...
  5. Fisktratt

    Java Reduce team EggWars waiting time

    Right now, you have to wait 20 seconds in the cage for the game to start. I think that's too long because you already voted, so the only thing you need to do is to select a kit. In other games, like team skywars, you only need to wait 15 seconds. So my suggestion is that the waiting time should...
  6. D

    reporting a player without video

    Here are two pictures of a single player breaking multiple eggs moments after the game starts. I do not have video, which is "required". but I still want to report this. There should be more options for reporting players than just youtube video. Not everyone has this software. the reason I am...
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