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private games

  1. OpeikoGamerYT

    Bedrock Private Games

    Hi! My name is Opeiko, and I’m a Minecraft Bedrock YouTuber. I love spending time on Discord, and I love playing CubeCraft. As I mentioned about Discord, I’m apart of a Discord Server called CA. The sad thing is that, when CA or any other Bedrock Discord server hosts tournaments, they never...
  2. ItsJustWildd

    All Networks Private games

    Private games are a large part of Hypixel, and I am sure Cubecraft could do the same. My suggestion for this: Bedrock - Anyone with a certain VIP level and above (maybe 4 or 5) would have the option to create a private game when in the selector, provided their party had enough members. This...
  3. Nuvoh

    Java Eggwars - Voting option and private games

    As most people know, staff, Youtubers/twitch streamers have permission to start private eggwars games. I think private games are amazing and really fun, which is why I think they should be more common: My suggestion is to not give out the ability of hosting private games if you have a certain...
  4. RK2B

    All Networks Private games

    Hi, it’s simple, I would really like the ability to play private games with friends in a party. I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but it probably has been and was forgotten.
  5. C

    Java Private games

    I think it's a good idea to add private games for ranked players. People will be able to challenge friends and test out new tactics. I would love to see that being a future on the server because everytime I want to do a kind of skywars duels against my friend I have to do a skywars duels kit...
  6. SnowyZaFon

    Java "private Games" SkyWars

    Hello I have created a poll about the idea "private games" Most opinions were yes or all Except for two link- poll about "private games" https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/private-games-in-skywars.213935/ The idea is as follows you can join with players on the party and playing "private...
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