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christmas games

  1. J

    Bedrock Games

    Where is the colony control mode?
  2. Powerofbeds

    Java Bring back Snowman Survival to Java

    I love Snowman Survival so much that when it's out, I use almost all the time I have to play it. This year, however, the Bedrock edition players get to play Snowman Survival and the Java players get only Present Rush. Here is my suggestion: Alternate between Snowman Survival and Present Rush...
  3. Rawrbin

    Java Present Rush, a Christmas themed game

    Hello there! Christmas is coming, and so are the Christmas themed games and lobby, such as Christmas Themed maps, Snowmand Survival and … oh. No Present Rush? That's right. We haven't seen the game Present Rush in a while. This is by far, one of my most favorite CubeCraft games of all time...
  4. P

    Video On the leaderboards!

    @Younez, Congratulations on the Christmas Leaderboard spot you achieved! :) Although, It's gone in two days, but still congratulations! :D
  5. Sweetenerera

    Snowman Survival

    Sometimes, when I play Snowman Survival, I get kicked out of the game and I'm getting send back to the hub.. Until one minute ago, it wasn't when the game started.. But I just got kicked out of the game.. I don't have proof yet, because I don't know when I'm getting kicked out. But why is this...
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