Minecraft PC IP: play.cubecraft.net


  1. FreezeEngine

    Coding Bedrock Online Leaderboards and API! (Unofficial)

    Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to announce some exciting news regarding the latest developments in CubeKingdom, as well as the progress made by myself and @MrSterdy. We have dedicated our efforts to developing unofficial online leaderboards and API, aimed at enhancing your online experience with...
  2. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot

    Heyo! My friend @FreezeEngine has been developing a really cool Discord bot that displays the leaderboards for the Bedrock Edition Cubecraft Server :cube_light:. For those of you that are interested in how the bot functions here is a basic rundown: The bot uses a Minecraft account to log in...
  3. MrBigChin

    Discord Cubebot

    Cubebot Discord bot for Cube's discord server. A discord bot for Cubecraft that would welcome new players and send you alternative links to the website such as: -New players to the discord server will now receive a private message welcoming them to the discord server. !web, !website -...
  4. Lezappen

    Discord spammers coming from cubecraft.

    A lot of you may have noticed advertisers randomly message you on discord : "HEY JOIN MY SERVER AT: superServerName.play.com ITS AWESOME AND YOU CAN WIN MONEY AND ITS GOT GAMES AND STUFF" The only mutual server is Cubecraft. Cubecraft and other servers in other games cannot do much against...
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