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  1. P

    All Networks SkyBlock Pigman AFK XP

    Dear CubeCraft Games Team, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express my thoughts regarding the AFK XP farm that was present in your game. I've invested significant time and effort into creating this farm, and I believe it has become an integral part of the game experience for many...
  2. BillyGlaz

    Bedrock People AFK

    What do you think of the AFK people? For my part these people should be expelled as it is a burden
  3. Maaarijn

    Implemented AFK kick for ghosts in Among Slimes

    Hey guys! I just came across a problem in Among Slimes: There were 3 crewmates, 1 ghost (crewmate) and 1 imposter left. The crewmates had used all of their emergency button uses already, we also completed our tasks, except for the ghost. After a long time we discovered that the imposter was...
  4. Maaarijn

    Java AFK Mode in Among Slimes

    Hey! I got this idea from a reply to this thread, which I really think is a good idea but it didn't get enough attention. Currently there is a problem in Among Slimes with people that are AFK. This is really annoying, especially during meetings. I also find myself being AFK sometimes during an...
  5. B

    Java Fix Fps Lag in the lobby (by afk-kicking)

    I have a decent computer (100 fps average) But, whenever I am in the lobby, the game suddenly drops to 20-30 fps. This is caused by players. I tested this by standing facing towards them (30 fps) and facing away from them (towards the vortex, gives 60 fps) Players are set to invisible, but that...
  6. GameSharkN64


    I'm trying to complete the "Win a game of SkyWars without any armor" achievement. The first game I voted basic and selected swordsman and won, but no achievement unlocked. Second game got an AFK win!!! Still no achievement... What am I doing wrong? xd
  7. Caliditas

    Afk wins farming

    Hey, Is just standing afk in a party to get much wins bannable? Some people are doing this to get free wins without doing anything so maybe it could be considered as multiaccounting. Thanks for the answer! Caliditas
  8. HqppyFeet

    AFK in game

    Hello! I have been enjoying Cubecraft since 2016, and I have encountered many players AFKing while the game is on. AFKers can annoy their teammates for "not doing anything to help", and/or AFKers can increase the chance for their team to lose a match. I have read the In-game rules, and I have...
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