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    Builds This is not a troll build (I'm seriously proud of this)

    nah thats really cool, kinda reminds me of impulseSV's i-Soar shop from hermitcraft! I feel like it deserves to have a more wacky shape! I might give this a try! :D really cool
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    1000 wins...finally ?!

    ggs! :D
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    Java The Reason CubeCraft Java is Dying..

    You can tell the op has a lot of love for this server <3 sucks to see memories die, I hope cc java comes back, if not you're welcome here on bedrock! I'll carry you on eggwars ;P
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    what was your best play ever in egg wars?

    mine is probably strategising and achieving the world record for fastest perfect game in eggwars teams of four! (all eggs all eliminations in 52 seconds!) the world record is really hard to beat, as the record has stood for 10 months, which is the oldest world record on cubecraft speedrun.com...
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    Bedrock Cubecraft should have a competative queue.

    This is a good idea and something the community has been after for a while, however, I think it would have to be based on something other than level, for the reasons people have already mentioned. I would suggest basing it on wins/losses! Something like... there are tiers, wood - stone - iron -...
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    Denied "#Quality of Life" Was a Joke. WE DESERVE THE RIGHT TO PLAY!

    🤪 But seriously though, you may have a valid point or two but your tone is just crazy. It's hard for people to treat you with respect if you don't share the same courtesy, and that's disadvantageous to achieving what you want (and also rude). Mods were professional af though so ggs everyone
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    Bedrock Partys and Eggwars Teams of 1

    The reason why they made it so you cant join solo games while you're in a party was to stop teaming! Working together to kill the game would probably be considered teaming xD just play duos innit! Thats a good game mode ;P
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    [mod] prefix!

    [mod] prefix!
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    Wait! I just realised! You were a mod in game yesterday too! Congrats! ahaha

    Wait! I just realised! You were a mod in game yesterday too! Congrats! ahaha
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    Video Win any CubeCraft rank!

    bump lol rip
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    Video Win any CubeCraft rank!

    So recently I decided to host a meme and a skin competition through my discord! If you want a chance to win two ranks! Check out these videos! :D
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    Bedrock [Magic and Mayhem] Conjurer is severely overbuffed.

    I thought this was a bug haha! They increased his health 10x, and his resistance 10x, therefor making him 100x harder ;-;
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    🔮 Magic & Mayhem - A Magical RPG Adventure!

    I love the new update! It's insane well done! but omg THANK you for making this forum post omg
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    Planned A needed change in our leaderboard system

    Cubecraft, please add more Leaderboards, daily, weekly, monthly wins in each gamemode, and maybe ones for other stats, like most eliminations or eggs broken. Also please give us like #1 or whatever ([rank] WaspBrain #1) at the end on our names for being on main wins leaderboard like...
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