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    250 Cubelets Milestone

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    Report site inaccessible

    Hi, I want to report people for breaking rules but I can't access the report site. I've already gotten an account on it and I forgot my password. I tried getting a password recovery through mail, but I never got one. Is there a way I can access the report site again?
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    Another Unfair Among Slimes Match

    Well I guess did try to understand their reasoning xD. But the fact that none of them questioned why it's me or Orange and that some of them being toxic rubs me in the wrong direction. I guess got too emotional on this match.
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    Another Unfair Among Slimes Match

    Uhm can I just say, I called the meeting?
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    Another Unfair Among Slimes Match

    Is this acceptable?
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    Is this too toxic?

    Exactly how I did it, I also renamed my bow into Aimbot just in case :D.
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    Is this too toxic?

    I probably should have posted this on the forums first, cause I regret doing it now. Basically I renamed some of my items on Skywars and they'll show up whenever I kill someone with it. Is this acceptable/should this be avoided?
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    CubeCraft Book of World Records

    Also, I recorded a game where I killed 10 out of 11 in solo skywars, but I didn't knew this exist so I deleted it. I regret everthing in life. Well time to get my OBS...
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    CubeCraft Book of World Records

    I have a question, I see some records have reached the maximum score meaning, this never get broken such as Most Kills in One Game (%): warriors1976 - 100% (Solo Lucky Islands) Most Kills in One Game (%): Mivkebat - 100% (Team Lucky Islands) Most Gold Medals: Juskebat - 109 (Parkour) Most...
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    How to become friends with someone. (Not really though)[Funny]

    Sooo, I've played a normal Eggwars match, doing random stuff and this happened. Ignore the background noise.
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    What Is Wrong With Us? [Old Screenshot]

    That is something you don't see everyday though. Breaking all the eggs simultaneously by 1 team. I'm sure the chat is like 'what...'.
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    When you thought you killed an OP player...

    Footage of that scene begins at 0:42 The reaction can be heared in the background through my broken mic later on... Representing salt at 1:15
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    I've done something...

    I've killed 6 players in a Rome in less then 30 seconds... How did I do it? Also is this type of thread okay if I post it here?
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    "Hackusations" 2

    Many people nowadays thinking that players who kills a lot of people, meaning that must be hacking. No, I have been accused more then I can count, someone even threatened me in reporting and I have not been banned from Cubecraft. Or these people are just dropping salt to our wound.
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    Donators which are hackers can get away with Killaura easily

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this topic is already being discussed, but if so, well it's not worth discussing I just played a game in speed Eggwars which a team has full of donators and they chose all for half health. They have planned a good strategy where they can get away with Killaura...
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