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Oct 20, 2013
Or more accurately, stop asking. The rules for getting it are:
  • Minimum 2,000 Subscribers
  • Minimum 10 videos filmed COMPLETELY on the CubeCraft server network
    • I assume that intros and outros are fine
  • All proper credits in the description
    • I think just a link to the website (This Site) will suffice
    • And maybe the IP
  • Oh, and they have to add the rank in the first place.
The perks are, according to Halo,
  • Flying
  • Other perks to shoot correctly
  • You act as a passive rule-enforcer, by producing an apparent prospect of someone having video evidence of the rules being broken. (This was my idea!)
  • (If any staff members know of other stuff, feel free to just edit this post, but leave the edits in bold or color or something...)
So there, stop whining about it. All of you who are asking for it aren't even eligible (Kinda funny.)

Added by Halothe23: If you have a channel that is eligible, and have all the requirements, contact me (halothe23) via PM.
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Mar 14, 2014
Physchotic Land
Sounds pretty cool but no one really has that I have like 10 xD I'm just starting one but I want to help clean the servers up from hackers and then start recording more


Mar 14, 2014
Physchotic Land
Also ism if subs will totally matter on this but its halos decision because I feel not many people have that so either lower it or maybe it will be based on if you do vids for the server but that's why I wanted a YOUTUBE thread so its strictly YOUTUBE vids.
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