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FFA Wizard hate


May 5, 2019
Lucid dreams

I'm here to give MY opinion about the wizard kit..

So basically at this point almost everyone is hating on the wizard kit because the kit is to "Powerful" and I disagree with that.. Here are some reasons why I think that wizard isn't to powerful.

1. Sword damage
: Uhm so do you guys Realize that on some other kits wizard does only do 0.5 or 1 damage at 1 hit?

2. Gear: prot 3 leather 👀

3. Shopper's: and most wizards that shop are just getting focused over and over by people that litterly ruin their stats to kill this shoppers xD.

And yes the harming and healing pots are pretty strong but at some point all the points are gone.. And yes you get them back from a kill but you can't choose Which one so you have to be lucky at that.

This was MY option about the wizard kit 😁
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