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Oct 13, 2016
What is the Team Feedback subforum

We hold our team to an incredibly high standard and any team member found to not be following our Community Standards and rules could be warned, demoted, network banned and, if necessary, have their details handed over to the police.

If you have seen one of our team members behave improperly, either inside or outside of the network, please report it to us immediately.

In the same way, if you want to send praise or an encouraging message to our team members, you may also use this subforum.

How to submit Feedback

We do not require feedback threads to follow a specific pattern, but the following information is something we will require before we take any action:

If you want to complain about a situation or a team member's behaviour:

  • Your Minecraft username, or your Discord name (with discriminator numbers) if this incident happened on Discord.
  • Date and explanation of the incident.
  • Evidence: Must not be edited or cropped

If you want to share some encouraging words for a team member:

  • A simple message is enough. We won’t require your username, dates or evidence.

You will receive a response from a member of the Administration team as soon as possible, and if necessary you will be asked for more information.

Once all the required information has been provided, the Administration team will assess the situation and act accordingly.

Team feedback threads are not kept open indefinitely, and once the administration has logged the issue, your thread will be closed. If a new incident occurs involving the same staff member, you must create another thread explaining this new situation.

There are no consequences for creating a Team Feedback thread

Any member of the community is free to post a message in this subforum and there will be no consequences for doing so, as long as our community rules and guidelines are respected.

In general, we aim at keeping the creator of the thread anonymous. In some special cases, such as feedback threads regarding someone’s punishment, it’s possible we have to share your username with the team member to properly resolve the situation.

Team feedback sections

This subforum is divided into two sections:
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