Ways to spot an hacker!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by bertgames, Aug 29, 2015.

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    Hello i want to to learn you to spot an hacker if you dont know if its hacking or not lets get started:

    Aimbot is hard to spot if you are lonly to spot an aimbot go wich more if poseble people and look the head if the head going to the nearest player its an aimbotter

    2.kill aura
    Kill aura is hard to spot but easy if you look good, an kill aura hacker NEVER miss 1 hit even you are behind him

    3.fly hack
    An fly hacker is easy to spot: everytime you shoot him in skywars while building he/she will fall off but a few seconds later the person is back on the same place

    4.no knockback
    This is super easy to spot: everytime you hit a person it will have knockback but an anti knockback hacker dont have any knockback

    This 1 you dont see it mush, but if on that player can mine/place blocks super fast

    6.regen hack
    This hack is hard to spot if you want to spot all regen hackers download an health bar mod THIS IS ALLOWED IN CUBE CRAFT!! An regen hacker will have not mush damage: a diamond sword: normal person got 6 harts gone an regen hacker: 2 harts

    7.knockback hack
    This hack will like for you that some1 have knockback 3 on ther sword but true it is an normal sword

    I saw this on a video but what it will do is everytime some1 eat mushroom stew it will stack the empty 1 and replace it wich an full stew

    Now you can report hackers if you have sugestion for me pls say that thank you!
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    I have my own ways to spot hackers ;)
    Even though you cleared alot of ways, there are still some. Let me add some stuff :)
    Kill Aura:
    Look how the hackers head is looking at another player.
    Heres a good example of a Kill Aura hacker:
    Speed Hacks:
    Its easy to see, even though that there are hackers that sets their speed to sprint-jumping speed even though that they are not doing that.
    Heres another example:
    If I come up with some other ways that I can show you then I'll post them :)
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    Thanks! But i was playing on a server and im sure a person is kill aura hacking but cant show no advertising at forum.
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    an hacker.