Votes/Points system reword suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MormonJudy, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Votes/Point system suggestion

    I love CCG, it was my first server ever, and I rarely go on others, but when I do, the one thing I notice is MUCH better then CC, if the point system, one of the few servers I’ve been on more then once, is the ***** ***** ***** they have a incredible server (not as good as CC) but they also have an amazing points system, and because of it, they get TONS of votes, on they are rank number 1 with over 24k votes, although I think cube craft is a better server I really think it could learn from the voting of mine time. For instants other servers, you don’t have one currency that goes across all servers like points (if you understand what I mean) you get something on EVERY server people have, and most of the time, the reward isn’t all that great, BUT you have chances to get REALLY good things, for instance, you could have (I’m going to use assassins server as example) there would be a 75% chance you would get $75, 20% you get a stone sword, and the rest of the 5% could be put into epic rewards (like a 1/300 chance of getting full diamond armor) most people would never get the really good rewards, but enough people would be enticed by the epic rewards, that they would vote everyday. Plus you could get a reward on every server, with a stacking function for if you don’t go on certain servers that much.

    I just want to make CCG as good as it can get.
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    We already have a voting system :p