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Feb 23, 2023
If you remember my last post, I basically proved that most armor in bedwars is useless. Except it turns out I made a bit of an error. I may have accidentally added +1 to each weapons damage, which may have messed with the results.

Luckilly the only problem now is that I have to redo the wooden sword calculation, and for each weapon you basically have to go to the weapon that is one "tier" under it for the accurate numbers. So, for example, for diamond with sharp I you have to look at the calculations for diamond, for diamond you go and look at the ones for Iron, and so on.

That also means you can safely ignore what I said about sharp I diamond, because its actually slightly less OP than what I originally said.

I'd also like to apologize if the original post was misleading to some people because of this error.
At this point I might just redo it entirely, in one post, where I correct everything so its less misleading and more organized, but that's something to do for another ocassion.

This means that armor is slightly more useful than I originally said, BUT only against "weaker" weapons, it still remains almost completely useless against the strong ones, unless its Iron or Prot I Iron.

And what I said about the diamond sharp I sword does not apply, because there is actually no* weapon dealing 9 points of damage.
*unless you can hit crits

Now onto the math.

Here are the numbers for wood on Leather:


Compared to what I originally said, you last 6 hits, not 5. Still barely a difference honestly, with half a second between each hit that's 500 extra miliseconds of lifespan.

What about chainmail?

Against a wooden sword, chainmail lasts not one more hit than what I originally said, but 2.


And Iron?

This recalculation shows that its actually not as strong as I originally thought, with it only lasting ONE hit longer than chainmail against wooden swords.


And Prot I Iron?

Prot I Iron lasts a very long time against wooden swords, with a total of 11 hits, making it very strong compared to all the others, and an actual upgrade over chainmail, unlike unprotected Iron.


The conclusion from the last posts still apply, just to a slightly less severe degree. Diamond with sharp I is still OP af, though not as much as I originally said. And I guess the weaker armors have some use against wooden swords.

And I guess prot I Iron is quite strong against wooden swords. (11 hits is still quite little though, realistically all it takes to eliminate you is 2 fellas who can hit you really quickly and you're dead).

The only major change here is that Iron armor, against wooden swords, is only slightly better than chainmail.

The difference is literally just 3 armor points, what did you expect? This is why we need helmets added to the armor, at least the Iron one.

Finally, because some of your requested requested it, if u want to play around with the values yourself, here is the link to the google spreadsheet with it. You can download it and use it offline or play around with the values marked yellow through google. Though note that whatever values you leave in the yellow boxes others will be able to see as well.

And it is technically possible that several people happen to have the sheet open at once, so for the sake of your own and others convenience just download it.

The Spreadsheet also allows you to calculate values for the old damage calculation system. The one for the "old" system was added by me.

The "new" system was provided by someone working on the minecraft bug tracker, the only changes I made there was the protection stuff, so as long as you are not messing with protection, you are using a sheet provided by someone working for mojang (or microsoft, idk who runs the bug tracker, and I don't care). What I am trying to say is that, unlike my math skills, the sheet itself is 100% minecraft approved.

EDIT: You can also edit the red "toughness" field in the sheet on the "old" systems side.


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Feb 23, 2023
Good job!! How long did this take??
Not too long in my opinion. Unlike the time when I was trying to see if the damage calculation is broken, all I had to do here was type in a bunch of numbers into an excel spreadsheet and review the results. This, combined with the other post about armor in bedwars, didn't take longer than maybe ~1-2 hours total
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