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Jun 26, 2016
We thank you for your feedback and suggestion!
We have taken it into consideration and after discussion within our staff team, we have edited our rules to add to the chat trolling rule, to take this into account. It will continue to fall under Chat Trolling.
The edited rule is as follows (we have bolded the change made):

2.4 - Chat trolling​

Chat trolling is defined as any language meant to confuse, trick, or troll other players. This includes tricks like telling players to press Alt+F4, using colour codes to make fake private messages, faking Plus rank messages, tricking other players into breaking the rules, and other methods of trolling others. Chat trolling is strictly prohibited.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day mute → 3 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute
We have also added this rule to our Forums (3.13) and Discord (4.15). You can find those changes on the rules page!
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