Tower Defence - Why do we all hate the Poison Tower?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by TheJeroen, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Alright. Friends of mine might know that I love the minigame Tower Defence. I play this a lot just like today with @hgbf but there is a small thing bothering me. The hate on the "Poison Tower". People alleays tell to never spend 800 Coins on this Tower and instead buy a 200 Coins Mage Tower. I hope some players or even Staff can explain this to me.

    This is all I know where the Mage Tower or Poison Tower is better in.
    Mage Tower:
    - Costs only 200 instead of 800
    - Can effect Cave Spiders

    Poison Tower:
    - Design

    That's right, all I know about the differences is what I just said. It doesn't even show the damadge difference between these Towers. Can someone explain me WHY the Mage is better. Do these Towers do the same damadge, is the Poison Tower weaker? Does Mage have more range? WHY IS THE MAGE TOWER BETTER? @Macreddin (I have no idea what Staff Members DID and DIDN'T come from the Chunk, if someone else can tagg Chunk Staff, that'd be appreciated)
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