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    Update Info:
    • 1v1 Mode
    • More Bosses and Bazaar tools better suited for late game matches.
    1v1 Mode:
    • With the new 1v1 mode, players can click the 1v1 NPC in the Tower Defence lobby. They will be put into a queue and matched with a player with similar records to even the odds.
    • Players received x2.5 gold collection to make up for the point of 1 man teams.
      • 1v1 Mode comes with an exclusive mechanic in which players can choose classes to play as to add playstyle and diversity on teams. (This is only for 1v1 Mode)
        • Class: Disciple - Player can spend 300 gold to summon 3 mobs on the ground below them. Cooldown of 8 seconds
        • Class: Nebula Silhouette - Player can spend 300 gold to become immobilized, sucking in any nearby mobs and dealing minor damage. Cooldown of 18 seconds
        • Class: Dragon - Player can spend 300 gold to breath in the direction of their crosshair, burning a small AoE radius on the ground, enemies that walk on this are burned. Cooldown of 18 seconds
        • Class: Archer - Player can spend 300 gold to perform an Ariel Shot, sending them flying in the air. Once at the apex of their jump, they shoot a powerful arrow that upon impact with the track, releases a nova that deals damage. (Player must be on the ground to perform this.) Cooldown of 14 seconds.
        • Class: Weaver - Player can spend 300 gold to throw a poison thread shot (arrow), that upon impact with an enemy, chains itself to up to 5 more enemies, dealing minor damage and a lingering poison effect. Cooldown of 12 seconds.
        • Class: Snowman - Player can spend 300 gold to become immobilized, completely freezing anything in a 6 block radius for 4 seconds. Cooldown of 14 seconds.
    More Bosses and Bazaar Tools:
    • Boss: Wither Trio
      • Summoning time: 8 minutes after Wither Boss.
      • Entities: 3 Withers
      • Health: (Equal to Wither Boss)
    • Boss: Undead Stampede
      • Summoning Time: 5 Minutes after Wither Trio (13 Minutes after Wither Boss)
      • Entities: 30 Zombies, 30 Skeletons, 5 Zombie Horses.
        • Zombie Horse HP and DMG: HP-140 DMG-3
        • Zombie Horse Speed: Travels at 2.5 blocks per second. (Extremely Fast)
    Bazaar Tool:
    • Rift
      • Cost: 8000 Gold
      • The ground on your track opens up and all GROUND enemy mobs on the track fall into an endless pit of death. This clears all current mobs on the track.
      • Duration: 2 seconds.
      • Cooldown: 300 Seconds Seconds
    • Tornado
      • Cost: 3000 Gold
      • Summon a tornado that spawns halfway through your track and makes its way up almost to the beginning of your track. Enemies caught within the tornado are carried back for 8 seconds or until the tornado despawns. (Giants are affected, but they are only carried back for 3 seconds.)
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Plague in a Bottle
      • Cost: 2000 Gold
      • Throw a poison potion that upon contact with your track summons an AoE of coal and water blocks that deal major poison and wither damage to all crossing mobs.
    030 more soon!

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    Wow nice ideas! Although I think the bosses could be more varied. Maybe Cube can make one of those supermassive slime as a boss :eek: