Tower Defence Possible Balances/Fixes (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DynamicTroll, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Reciently Iv'e been hooked on the new tower defence gamemode on the network. But there are a few things that I feel personally could be changed. First of all I'd like to say that I feel all the 'troops' are towers are completely balances in terms of what they do, except for the 'giant' troop.

    Yes I know, you have to pay 1.5k XP and 6000 coins to summon one giant, which is a lot compared to all of the other troops, most of the time people start to summon them around the time the 'Armageddon Warning' is announced. But I feel that these guys when summoned are 'gg' for the other team, summoning 1-3 giants (depending on the other teams defences) can be catastrophic for the opposition, with most of the time people leaving when they are summoned. If you have a giant to deal with, they will mostly make it to your fortress even with the best defences, without using Zeus towers which can make the process a little easier to deal with them (not many people have Zeus's unlocked, 750 points to buy one). Cause by having these giants the meta is strongly forced towards to "Who can summon the giant first", this forces each team to build very little defences, to only counter troops that are summoned when grinding XP.

    Now to expand on "Troops that are summoned when grinding XP" by this I mean troops that when summoned give a good amount of XP for the amount of coins you spend to summon that said troop. Before the most recent patch, "Cave spiders" and "Spiders" were the best use of your coins to grind XP, with cave spiders being a strong troop as it counters people spamming artillery towers. Before patch people usually would also spam endermites and creepers as they were fast ways to catch the enemy team off guard and get a quick win.
    After the most recent patch, spiders and cave spiders were changed to cost extra from what they were to summon (coins), with the biggest change being for the save spider costing 70 to summon now instead of the previous 40 coins. By making it cost so much more to summon these troops the common meta is so spam zombies, building only small amounts (if not any) towers, with only saving to buy a single giant. Now with cave spiders and spiders costing so much less to summon it gave people more of a leeway to build stronger towers, and to summon stronger units (such as creepers and blazes) before summoning a giant. And this spamming zombie method from personal testing is the quickest way to grind XP to gain giants before Armageddon (I can barely summon two if I don't build any towers at best, with before hand with correct strategy I could build towers as well as sending the same amount of giants).

    So what I'm trying to say is now the meta in this gamemode is to spam zombies and grind for giants, with the first people to summon a giant wins. What I'm first suggesting is that maybe you either make spiders and save spiders back to how they were used to, or making the existing units yield more xp on sending them, rewarding the player for sending these higher grade units rather than summoning zombies. The second thing I suggest is that giants were nerfed, in terms of price they are good, but maybe decrease their health by about 15 - 30% and maybe making existing towers (esspecially artilery) to bonus damage to giants.

    By doing the two above suggested things 'Tower defence' would be changed into a more strategy based game where people have to build towers to counter different types of troops, with sending a variaty of troops to counter the opposing teams defences; not a zombie spam, XP grind. Maybe even making it so that Armageddon isn't just a giant spam fest and more of a time where you need to upgrade your defences for other units. And most importantly balancing the game, making it more enjoyable.

    Thanks if you read this post and please leave and criticism or comments on what I have talked about, maybe even giving more suggestions as to further improve this game-mode. Cause I do know that I have left some key points of the recent patch, or on the 'metagame' of 'Tower defence'.