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Jan 14, 2022
No idea where to post this to as it's my first time on the forums, but it sucks that I need a rank to report people. And with others servers I've played, even if I could, donators wouldn't get punished. Like...
Users King_Ender_Lord (Obsidian), soulbunny (Gold), and Wqfflesss (Lapis) are always partied and always teaming in the Among Us mode. I farm that mode for points to spend in other games because it's the easiest to farm for me, but it's impossible when 3 people are teaming. If one or both is Imposter, the other(s) back them up with 900% force and are toxic about it (especially soulbunny). I can't do anything about it without a rank of course, but I don't have money to spend. And I can't exactly prove it because they never admit they just DO it.

What am I supposed to do about that? Very annoying.
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