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Tips on how to get staff (This doesn't mean you will get staff straight away!)

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Oct 21, 2013
A box in the UK
After being asked ∞ times, I have had decided to make a thread on how to make your chances higher on getting a staff rank.

The thing we look for from a player is their maturity. Being mature makes you look more professional and EVERY staff member are seen are looked up to as role models. So if you act immature you can expect us to add you to the blacklist. (Being added to the blacklist would get a players chances reduced ~0% chance to become staff and there is various ways of being added e.g. Asking to become staff/op, asking for ranks, breaking rules, etc.)

Key attributes of a good staff member is that they are:

- Polite, Kind and Reasonable with all situations and can respond to each appropriately.

- Efficiency is also another key attribute, players may report 10^6 players but only 0.01% actually hack? This doesn't seem very attractive for us, as it seems like you are just taking pot shots at trying to find hackers or other type of rule breakers; because being staff means you have to be independent (sometimes working on your own).

- Team Work there have been quite a few situations where staff members had to be working together to sort out various problems that can/have occurred.

- Transparency this means that you must be truthful and if something goes wrong you would have to let us know! If things get out of hand we have to sort it out ASAP instead of leaving it for someone to report it, but by then it is too late!

- Community Interactivity is where you have to be intertwined within the community of the server. Do people know you? The best ways to get yourself known is on the Forums if you are a Non Donator, otherwise being active in game and on the forums would be even better!

- Time patience is key as it takes time to recognize a players potential try not to pester us and maybe one day YOU may become staff and make your mark!!!

-Reports will help you get noticed and prove to us that you have what it takes to see if a player is breaking a rule or not.

- Thick skinned: Staff receive huge amount of abuse from players, in game and on the forums. Sometimes are threatened with DDoS attacks, and occasionally stalked on Skype and harassed. People think being staff is easy, you need incredible patience and thick skin to ignore the people who bully you, and not let it take over.

- Confidence: Don't be afraid to tell staff things! If you do become a staff member, we will want you to talk to us every now and again anyway.

Currently these are all the reasons I can think up. But don't forget to check it out as I may add more tips :)

Good luck and have fun
From all the Staff Team :)
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