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May 31, 2020
I've started working on the 10.000 Birch and Acacia log quests. What I currently do is plant saplings on a large platform and cut them down as they grow. It's fun but also quite tedious. Especially when the tree is one block too high, in which case you need to place a block to get up there.

Does anyone have any tips to cut trees in an easier way? Especially the acacia ones because those don't grow in a straight line...


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Nov 4, 2019
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Build a large hole in the ground, preferably with the surface of the hole being at the same y level as your island ground floor. Use dirt for the floor inside the hole, plant trees, now you have higher leverage to get to trees that are taller.
Nov 17, 2020
Trees in Skyblock will grow when planted next to each other, but they grow a tad shorter. But that's what we want so we don't have to place a block, right?

So, I plan my trees in a platform I built above and between my islands in a stretch. I place dirt on top of platform in a 2 by 64 row.

I plant saplings in each 2-wide row, right next to each other, no space. The trees are much easier to plow thru this way.

Also, I have found that a Fortune 2, Efficiency 3 axe works rather well.

You lose some logs from not having Fortune 5, but Efficiency helps you get thru your long line of solid trees much faster. I really don't like spending all my play time chopping trees.

Note that when you plant trees close like this, you get less leaves. And less chance you will get saplings to restock your farm. If this happens, plant a few single trees, like 10, with 2 spaces around each one. These trees will grow with more leaves. Use a Fortune V tool to break the leaves to get more saplings faster. (also works for apples on oak trees btw, to complete the gapple quest)
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