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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by CattyCat, Aug 25, 2016.

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    Can you guess what this post is about now?
    It's been almost a year. It's been longer than the development time for 1.9 (how ironic, FreeBuild is less complex than 1.9, yet takes longer to code). You said it will be released this summer. It's now almost over, but still no release. We've been patient for long enough, and it's about to run out.
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    Summervacation is almost over. Summer isn't. The summer ends on the 21th of september. In England, at least.

    What I am about to say will probably annoy you so much, but the truth can't always be perfect.
    The developers are doing their best to bring it back as soon as possible. I'm 99% that FreeBuild is the nummer one on their to-do list. Making threads like this don't help at all. The best thing we can do is being patient. Mac, A head administrator and the CCG project leader, said that it took longer than expected (expected release date was start of the summer), but, I quote, "It will be out this summer for sure.".

    "Yoawnnn, another thread about freebuild" Lmao
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    "Developers why you no work faster"

    Ah yes because thats how things work. The entire team is hard at work on a lot of different projects. Sometimes things take a little longer than expected. Such is life. Everything will get done when it gets done. Trust me this is better than releasing having finished projects.

    EDIT - I know projects being delayed is annoying, but threads like this don't magically make projects get done faster.
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