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Oct 7, 2021
The biggest issue I currently see is a third player in a duel sweeping in for the kill. This happens repeatedly. Since the 1.19 beta started, around 50% of my deaths and 50% of my kills are from someone who is already heavily damaged by another player. It's to the point that pvp skill is worth nothing, since any player can kill you given lucky timing.
This is also damaging to new players who feel they cant improve because everything is just luck based. It can be very frustrating getting stomped out when you were heavily disadvantaged in a duel from the start.
Solution to the problem:
Im not entirely sure if there is a total fix, but some things can help. Here are some ideas.
-lower the damage of weapons or the protection of armor, so that you have more health during the majority of a fight
-less maps with open areas, so fights can't be as easily interrupted
-more water buckets/cobwebs/knockback/etc. anything that can get the other players away from you and you away from them faster. This means running out of a fight to heal is an option
-faster healing options. this might just be the biggest issue, since healing from food seems to take way longer in this version, leading you to stay health disadvantaged after a fight for a long time. Maybe certain foods (such as suspicious stew) can be added to help heal faster and more often

Because of the way it is now, I might have to stop regularly playing cubecraft skywars. The frustration is often too much, especially since it doesn't matter how good im playing that day---I can always get 3d partied


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Jul 13, 2021
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It's definitely frustrating when you're in the middle of a duel and suddenly someone else sweeps in for the kill. I like your suggestions for possible solutions, such as having more maps with less open areas and adding faster healing options. Hopefully, the CubeCraft team takes these ideas into consideration and finds a way to balance the gameplay so that it's more skill-based and less luck-based. If you want, You could suggest for these changes in the feedback forums if you want a higher chance of this getting noticed. It is still worth noting that there's still no way to theoretically stop it entirely from happening and lots of users do rely on this to win


Sep 28, 2022
Yeah i dont like people third partying me when i just started the fight i would rather focus on one person rather than switching between, hopefully they can find a solution to this.

i hate hackers1234

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Sep 5, 2022
ya but all those suggestions can lead to a bigger problem, player who just don't fight. what if a player just doesn't fight at all and just run until everyone ragequits or something


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Feb 15, 2020
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Third partying is just part of any pvp based game mode. It's definitely frustrating but everyone benefits from it just as much as they are victim to it. If someone runs for more than a few minutes without engaging that's technically against the rules, but my advice is to be maybe the person third partying more often than the one who's victim to it.
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