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Oct 4, 2016
Welcome the the 4th annual CubeCraft Meme Awards!

In this thread, we will look back at the best of the 716 total memes* posted in 2021.
We will also award the best meme creators, the people who dedicate their time to make you laugh!
The results were based mostly on the reactions/likes & sometimes my opinion.

Meme of the year

Best meme creator

Best 1.8 Removal meme
By: @Lozora

Best Staff meme

Best CCG Memes meme
By: @Spoon

Best Forums meme

Best Lobby update meme
By: @Goefy

Best Discord meme
By: @Megaaa

Best Minigame meme
By: @matcha

Best Translator meme

Honourable mentions

Meme of the year: @Texbirds
Best meme creator: @MrTommy
Best 1.8 Removal meme: @Lozora
Best Staff meme: @MrTommy
Best CCG Memes meme: @Spoon
Best Forums meme: @MrTommy
Best Discord meme: @Megaaa
Best Minigame meme: @matcha
Best Translator meme: @JvwerMcGames

Honourable mentions: @Typicaaal, @witcher, @Maaarijn, @Ge1ster, @MrTommy, @AnolTongi, @komododragon2005

Final Words
2021 has not been easy for us but there were still a lot of quality memes posted here and only a few of them actually made it into this thread, with that said I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the CCG Memes thread in 2021.
Also special thanks to Typical & others for helping me out with this thread, you’re awesome!

*The memes have been added to a sheet automatically using a code I wrote so the number might not be 100% accurate, the source code of the fetcher is available on GitHub

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