The Good, the Bad, and the Eggy?

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    Hello all. I'm a newer player here on the server, and I've noticed a lot of ways to maybe help improve the server. Now please keep in mind, these are just some ideas and opinions. I have no problem with anyone on this server, and I just wish to maybe help improve the network.

    1) More Mod Coverage: The reason I say this is, well, there's only around 2-3 mods on a time to cover a whole network. Now this isn't their fault per se; but if there were to be a lot more coverage, say 1-2 mods on at a time for each server, A lot more work could be done and the community would love it. My personal experience, is a lot of rampant hacking. Especially in eggwars, where it would take a blind man not to see the hackers. I know that the staff relies a lot on the players reporting, which will lead to number 5, but a lot of the players to have the equipment to gather the evidence needed in order to report them.

    2) Removal Of Kits from Eggwars: I understand that part of it is a perk for donating to the server, but after getting killed and revived, it takes you awhile to get back to where you were. That's what makes Eggwars fun. If people spawn with armor, the'll just keep attacking you and it really takes the fun out of the game. Those people will target you to no end, and you lose because they have an unfair advantage. Now you could keep some kits, but a removal of ones that provide the player with an immediate advantage would make a vast majority of the community very happy.

    3) Making Overpowered Items and Double health Etc. Separate lobbies: The reason I put this in is that a lot of people prefer one type of game, while others prefer the other one. Me personally, I like normal items and normal health. Mostly because while playing in an OP items game, it takes breaking down the armor to actually kill anyone. It really downs the actual intensity of an Eggwars match. By creating separate lobbies for just those kinds of games, everone can find the game that they want to play, instead of hoping that they get to play it.

    4) An Antispam Plugin: As far as I know, this could already be in the works. However, if it's not it'd be a good idea to ponder. I'll occasionally have my chat flooded with people repeating the same message over and over, and albeit it's not horribly often, it still annoys me to no end. I can imagine that other players feel the same way. I have faith that this kind of plugin the dev's could easily take care of.

    5) A Better Report System: As I mentioned in point 1, the staff relies on the players most time to turn in hackers. It's a good idea if performed the right way. As it stands now, It's a lot of work and sometimes we don't have the tools necessary to file a report. So if there were to be a /report command added, then a mod or whoever may be online, could receive a message saying that a player had been reported, then they could go take a look, and follow the appropriatesteps to handle the problem. By doing this, the network becomes more effiecient in its reporting of cheaters, swearers Etc.

    That's about all I have to suggest for now. I have applied for helper to help be apart of a team that can make a difference , and make playing on this server as enjoyable as can be. I thank you all who took the time to read this, and hope that some of these are already in the works!
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    1). I mean, I like sleep as much as the next guy; you can't really expect that there is always a moderator available. While it might be nice, it's very, VERY impractical.
    2). I mean, the best armor people can respawn with is leather. It shouldn't be too problematic.
    3). It's a hassle to have to host a bunch of different servers for separate modes for a game mode, especially when it's already broken down into Solo and Team. Then you break it down further into each combination, and WOWZA it's a lot to handle. While I can understand your frustrations, I don't think it would be too hard to run into a normal lobby.
    4). I totally agree with. I think there is already one in place, but it can easily be bypassed. I don't find spam usually much in a game, but in the lobbies and hubs it can be a real doozy.
    5). This has been suggested at least 10 times in the past week. Is it really necessary to flood moderators with even more reports, 98% of which are just mad little 10 year olds who need a scapegoat to blame for their incompetence?
    No. No no no.

    I do hear they are making progress on the reports section; they've rolled through at a WHOLE BUNCH'o pages. Just be patient. They'll catch up eventually.

    EDIT: Try and get more messages; just be one of those people who basically say the same thing as the person who just responded, but reworded and in caps. Good luck w/ your Helper App.
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    1. We are currently working on hiring more helpers (which eventually are promoted to mod). We are aware of the hacker situation that has arisen as of late. We are doing our best to combat the hackers. We just recently switched over to a new punishment system which is helpful. It will take time, but we will get things more controlled as time goes on.

    2. Why remove kits? The only armor kit is leather. Which, even if there wasn't a kit, it's only 4 iron in normal/overpowered and 160 iron in hardcore for a full set. A lot of players use the Egg Armor kit in normal/hardcore. It's helpful and saves on iron. It's really not too op or anything. Plus, all kits are available for soft currency, meaning the points you earn can go towards buying a kit for a game. They aren't only for premium players who have bought a rank.

    3. I've seen this come up quite a bit since I've been here and since they introduced the voting system into Egg Wars. I personally don't care too much about the mode I play in. I used to prefer normal items/health. Though, after playing with friends that love playing OP, I've gotten so used to OP that it can be difficult playing anything else. Anyways, the thing about this one is that it would make it to where they would have to set up lobbies a bit differently. Either by taking some of the servers that we use for the way things are now and making them do only one setting or by getting more servers and spending more money (people who know networking can correct anything I may have gotten incorrect). I just suggest saving up to buy at least Gold rank. Then you could put your vote in on what mode you would like to play.

    4. I agree that spam is annoying and it could be avoided if there was a more strict spam filter. Though, that being said, I don't think that we need one that's too strict. Plus, you could warn them not to spam and report them if they continue.

    5. This suggestion has been suggested quite a number of times. It has been shot down all of said times. Mainly because it can be majorly abused. Many will just troll to get staff's attention when nothing is even going wrong. Also, staff cannot join games that are already in progress (excluding FFA/Assassins). So, calling a staff for a rulebreaker in a game that has already begun would be pretty useless. Since, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. This is a main part of why we rely on our community to help by reporting rulebreakers in our report section.

    I've probably forgotten a few things that I wanted to say, here and there. Though, I think I got my main points down.
  4. xExcite_

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    1. You can apply for helper now, So there is coming more staff.
    2. No, Don't remove the kits, kits are just a little bit helpful in everytime you spawn! Plss don't remove them!
    3. Yeah, this is good for the people that always say Why not OP? Why you voted NORMAL?!
    4. Yes, But they don't gonna add it... What snodia said.
    5. Yeah , new report system should ben nice! ;)
  5. AboodPlayz

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    The only Suggestions i agree with is
    Number 1 and Number 4
    But remember all of the mods are volunteers if you give them too much work they might quit or stop helping also they do have there own lives with work, school, and even they have time to enjoy playing, they are not robots that are programmed to stop every hacker they are normal people
    Number 4 exists but not for long about after 10 seconds of typing a message you can type the EXACT same message after several seconds, i say they should increase the duration + remove this stupid thing "RED NL" "RED NL!" even if there is 1 letter difference it won't be considered a spam in CC chat
  6. Qin Shihuangdi

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    I don't like any of these, they're either unnecessary or impossible.