Switch the Anti Spawn Killing System with Resistance

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What do you think about this idea?

  1. I disagree, I think it's just fine.

  2. I agree, this should be implemented.

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    It's really difficult and almost impossible trying to destroy eggs in maps like Space, where the respawn point is LITERALLY 5 blocks away from the egg area, and it's located right near a large edge (just for example). All they need to do is have it covered with just one layer of obsidian and just 2 them camping the area always, and they're set.

    And to be honest, the fact players respawn automatically and have about a 7s timer to just knock people away from their island and not even take anything in order to keep them away is just too overpowered, so my suggestion is to give resistance 5 (100% reduced attack damage) to players once respawned for the same timer they always get, instead of just not being possible to attack, therefore at least keeping them away while building a shelter by the egg, and that way giving at least a chance to destroy it by situations like what I listed.
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