Survival games revamp.

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Are you agree with this idea?

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    Hi I'm xMegaCoolx, Proud diamond rank.
    I'm going to talk about some hings that maybe could be better for the Survival Games.


    The Spawn on some maps are actually small. In desert for example theres the spawn too small in my opion. And in some maps you need to pvp in DeathMatch in that small spawn area. (More info at DeathMatch info). So What I'm expecting is that on these maps came a bigger spawn: (Desert, Fairytale, Steampunk and Castles).


    We talked about the spawn and now about the deathmatches. The deathmatches are starting at the spawn and - What I said before - are the spawns too small. So maybe add some epic Deathmatch arenas. If not please build some walls on the map desert for deathmatch, if you got some retards (Sorry or my words) that are low hearts and they keep running for ever on the map.


    I'm gonna hold it short. (I think this is a good word for it :p) But there came almsot the same maps on the signs at the hub of Survival Games.
    2 options:

    1. Fix that there are not always the smae maps come on the signs.
    2. Add more signs at the hub.

    So I think this was it for me. I hope staff members agree with this (and ofcourse some players) idea.
    Please leave a vote behind.
    Thank you
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