Suggestions for Arcade Games Maps.

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by KemoGamer, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Hello cubecrafters,
    Since most of you guys usually make skywars or survival games maps, I'd like to do something different.
    So here is my solution! In the future I'm going to make as much Arcade Games Maps as I could,
    I need you guys help with that of course! Namely inventing Map themes for me!

    A few tips:
    - Be original
    - Explain which things you want in the map
    - Tell the size (length, width and height/depth)
    - Which game it is meant for

    I need help with building them too, so if you want to help me or if you have some ideas you want to add to the map, just tell me (start a conversation with me or message me in-game).

    I'll pick the most original and coolest map.
    I choose the themes/things you want using these things for them:

    - Perfect size
    - Enough space to run where you want to run

    Parkour minigame
    - Enough blocks to jump on

    Tnt Run
    - Cool platforms
    - Detail

    Super Craft Bros
    Excited to play in
    - No camp places

    Hour glass
    Detail on the outside

    - Try to avoid camping places

    Hide and Seek
    Good hiding spots
    - Originality

    Fun to play in
    - Try to avoid camping places

    I''ll do the best I could and I hope to get some great themes!
    Good luck with inventing them!